Friday, April 5, 2013

Mint Uses

15 Uses for Mint

A true botanical wonder, mint is a breeze to care for, and its pleasing aroma makes it a welcome addition to the garden. The best part about this easy-to-grow herb is its usefulness. Mint makes a delicious addition to meals, a healthful tea, a fragrant potpourri and an insect-deterring spray. This sweet-smelling plant also has soothing and anesthetic properties that make it a great fit for homemade body-care products. To grow mint, get a cutting from a friend or purchase a starter plant at a nursery. (Mint doesn’t reproduce true from seed.) Mint can actually be too easy to grow—it sometimes takes over the garden—so give this attractive ground cover plenty of room to spread, or plant it in a container.

1. All aBuzz: Growing mint will keep your yard and garden buzzing with beneficial insects. Mint is rich in nectar and pollen, and its small flower clusters keep these sweet treats easily accessible for helpful bugs such as honeybees and hoverflies.

2. Bug Off: While it attracts “good bugs,� mint also deters “bad bugs.� Repel ants and flies by growing pennyroyal mint right outside your door, or spray diluted peppermint essential oil (10 parts water to one part oil) around doorways and windows.

3. Flea Free: Keep pets free of bothersome fleas with this homemade repellent: Bundle 2 parts fresh spearmint, 1 part fresh thyme and 1 part fresh wormwood, and tuck it inside a small pillow. Place the pillow near your pet’s bed or another favorite resting place.

4. Room Refresher: Keep your home smelling fresh by adding a few drops of mint essential oil to your favorite homemade or unscented store-bought cleaner. Try this simple floor cleaning solution, good for wood, concrete or tile floors: Dilute a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water and add 3 to 5 drops of mint essential oil.

5. Beverage Booster: Mint is refreshing in iced beverages. Add sprigs of fresh mint to a pitcher of water or plain iced tea, let it sit for 30 minutes or more, and serve it over ice. If you enjoy cocktails, mix fresh mint into homemade juleps or mojitos.

6. Veggie Revamp: Enjoy an interesting twist on a vegetable medley by adding fresh or dried chopped mint to peas, green beans, carrots or cauliflower during their last two minutes of cooking.

7. Divine Desserts: Mix 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint leaves into chocolate chip cookie dough and bake as usual for wonderfully minty treats.

8. Breath Saver: You don’t have to rely on mint gum or candies to freshen your breath. A sprig of your favorite fresh mint variety will get rid of bad breath just as well. Simply pluck and chew.

9. Tummy Tamer: Peppermint tea is an excellent way to ease an upset stomach. Peppermint helps calm the digestive tract and alleviate indigestion, intestinal gas and abdominal cramping.

10. Hiccup Help: Try this homemade concoction to help soothe the diaphragm irritation that can cause hiccups: Pour a glass of lukewarm water, then add a couple squeezes of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a few mint leaves.

11. Steam Clean: A peppermint steam can help clear sinuses and congestion and fight infection. Bring a pot of water to boil, turn off the heat, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and lean over the pot, draping a towel over your head. Breathe in the minty steam. Mint steams also act as a cleansing and stimulating facial.

12. Nausea Nix: Peppermint essential oil can boost your mood and reduce feelings of nausea. Simply add a couple drops to a clean handkerchief and breathe in.

13. Headache Healer: Apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your temple to relieve migraines, as compounds in peppermint oil are known to calm muscle spasms. You can also make a simple compress to get rid of tension headaches: Pour 3 cups hot water over 3 peppermint tea bags. Steep, covered for 5 to 7 minutes; remove tea bags and add ice. To use, dip wash cloth into cold tea and apply to forehead.

14. Fresh Feet: Mint soothes aching feet thanks to the pain-relieving properties in menthol, a compound in mint. Menthol also triggers a cooling sensation, perfect for foot scrubs. Try this one: Combine 1 cup sea salt, 1�3 cup olive oil and 6 drops peppermint essential oil. Scrub feet and rinse.

15. Sunburn Soother: Menthol cools and refreshes the skin, making mint a handy herb to keep around in the summer. Use it to ease sunburn pain by making a strong peppermint tea and refrigerating the mixture for several hours. To use, gently apply to the burned area with cotton pads.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's do a Stargazer Wedding

Let's have a OUTDOOR Stargazer wedding !
April 21st my youngest son and his lovely fiancee is getting married. 
As this blog was originally started to tell what I was doing with flowers & my family ... I thought I'd share this experience too.
They asked me to take care of the flowers... OMG , they want me to arrange flowers , I am the one who smashes them !

Then after looking at many wonderful silk arrangements . I was told , I really want real not fake ,as my sweet brown eyed son says!

Real flowers ,she is sure about stargazer lilies ,but we had to decide on the rest .
 Colors... Hot Pink / Black / Blue (  near country blue)
It is going to be outdoors , Weather willing , or in the reception hall if bad weather . Lord forbid. 

 I found this neat video at

 outdoor wedding layouts

 Here is a set of silk wedding flowers ,gives an idea of what flowers we will need.
You will receive bride bouquet as pictured with stargazer lilies. 1 maid of honor arm bouquet, 3 bridesmaids arm bouquet, 1 groom boutonniere, 1 bestman, 3 groomsmens,  2 fathers, 1 ring bearer and 3 boutonnieres you can use for grand father or ushers. 2 mother's corsage and 4 smaller one you can use for grand mothers or sister's and you will receive one toss bouquet

She liked blue dendrobium orchids , found these preserved blue that look close

I wonder if we could wire them on stems to add to the bouquet?

this place had some cool pictures and advice

here is one picture

 here is a blog with the stargazer and blue orchid

Other ideas ...If you have any hints PLEASE let me know asap.

good tips on ideas ,good saving

how to make water lilies out of duct tape 
Don't think I will get time to make those ,but cool idea.
Here are more ideas I looked at and thought it was worth sharing to any Bride to Be' s out there on a budget .

how to make origami lily

 a neat flower bracelet idea

neat idea thumb print tree,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=projects-wedding-weddingmemories

confetti cones,default,pd.html?start=13&cgid=projects-wedding-favors

guest cards for advice,default,pd.html?start=9&cgid=projects-wedding-weddingmemories 
could use a big jar for the guest cards and matching candy jars,default,pd.html?start=32&cgid=projects-wedding-centerpieces

Well I am off to post more ideas .Been working on the flower list so come on back.

Peace and Blessings be upon you .