Friday, December 18, 2009

Some cards I made

this one is made with two types of laminated rose ,then glued on homemade paper!

this one was from a card kit made to use with Pressed Flowers .I bought them on ebay. the kits were originally sold by a Garden club !
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My October Pressed Flower Class Picture

Hi ,thanks for stopping by to see my newest picture I made for my Master class at WWPFG. We had a fabulous teacher 
Irina Orlova that gave excellent instructions all month long via internet group ! It is so much fun and challenging too.  

It is also interesting to see how each student's picture looks a little different ! Trying to upload from the scanner I realized I was having trouble making My scanner copy it the way it really looked? There are so many things to learn?? so little time . At the guild we have talked about Photoshop and those kind of programs to touch up or change a picture or to just try to make it look real as life? I decided to show You the different varieties my programs did ! I was just playing please don't think I am good at this by far. My computer came loaded with programs ,some I still haven't tried in 3 years??Any way here is some examples! 
All of these pictures you can click to enlarge to see better.

This is of a Old wooden windmill in the Ukraine
I tried as hard as I could to copy Irina's lovely work as my skills would allow. When I had trouble with the windmill I decided to search for examples of windmills !? Out of over 300+ images I found 2 like this one from our class!!

This first one on the left has not been touched. It is the nearest to what it looks like real life! It is only an 8 x10 . There are a lot of wonderful fall colors in here from so may neat different plants. And in this case different places from wonderful guild members! The Silver Poplar leaves in the sky came from Pat Smith in Tennessee ! As well as the goose came from Marie Ann Robinson's advice of using this leaf to make a bird! The cool 2 toned plant in the front came from Annamaria in Ireland . The dog was made from banana skin . I started out trying to make another goose but arthritis helped it become a Dog head. 
I like him. 

The one on the right I used a touch up thingy on a free picasaweb program I downloaded ages ago and just decided to try. I did touch up through out . Look under the goose at the shadowing that looks like geese in the distance .That was just a fluke from trying to play with the sky! 
Personally I like the real thing better.

Then there is this one, which I just hit scan on my printer and this is what it came out like?? So we really can change our pictures to look a lot different with those programs !
For the better or worse sometimes. Still looking for my watermark? LOL
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this info or picture.

FYI : here is a link to a windmill like this from the back side ! Hmm ,may need to try that!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vote for myEntry # 1 on a blog contest !

I just went to the site and got the direct ( I hope) address (hope that works?)
I am entry  # 1  with the PF . she has them numbered kind of weird ?
Oh well it was fun regardless it got me warmed up for the Oct class ,which was fabulous!
back to the presses !
Thanks in advance to all for voting !
my picture is below on the last blog here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My mixed media art contest entry

Hi all I am so excited I actually took the time to create something ! Laaa !!!!!!!!! It was fun too . It has been close to a year since I have done any art . Not even a card.
Well I read this challenge on
Kimberly's Mixed Media Art
It was to make her image into a Diva ! Well anyone that knows Me , knows , I know little about Divas ! then this morning I see this show pop up on Generations of Divas ! How funny is that. So here is my Flower Diva.
I just realized that the one I sent to Kimberly , I could not get uploaded here?? Hope the one I sent to her went through ?? Guess I'll know soon. Wish me luck ,better yet join in ! Enter her contest.
Now on to my October class at .
Doing a Windmill in a landscape .This is a Master Class , That I will need lots of Luck with . Come back and see how I do ! ?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our acre of Peace reaching Fall

Our Mandevillas , we have white light pink and hot pink .
They grow 6 to 8 foot a season or more . LOTS of flowers ! Makes great fairy skirts . They are Carl's babies .

The red one is new this year.
this one has a different leaf than the others and smaller too.

Tickseed Sunflower , this is growing on the gas pipeline at the end of our land. There are millions of them!

check out this field of

Tickseed Sunflower (Bidens aristosa)

Identification: Ray florets golden yellow, well developed, flower, as a whole, conspicuous. Seeds (achenes) with a papery margin. Leaflike bracts below flower 8 to 10 in number with outer bracts shorter than inner bracts. Leaves divided into a number of dentate leaflets. Plant between 1 and 5 feet in height.

Waterloo Blue Passion Flower (Texan flower) We just bought this it says it will get 6 to 8 feet ! I missed pressing this one :-( Still waiting for the next bloom before frost ?
We also have the native NC purple ,we are going to transplant near this !

Twin mini roses , they press red with a shadow of gold !
heading for the press.

coleus or basil , either way is was free and gorgeous ! I found this growing in the yard this spring ,smelled it and thought it was basil ? smelled good but light ,it was small at the time! not now some of it is 3 feet. this Writer Spider likes it .
Well now I am not sure ,but I think it is coleus ? I know it is gorgeous but does not taste like Basil. yuk!!

I hope you have enjoyed these few items from my yard .
I will post more later.

click any photo for larger image.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pressing Fall leaves

If you are wanting an easy and fun way to decorate for fall . Press a bunch of leaves for the table decoration. you can also use mini leaves on your invitations and table place markers.
leaves are easy to press , Really !
 It takes newspapers ,one or 2 large old belts and cardboard and of course Leaves! .
 grasses work good for centerpieces too !
cut 2 pieces of cardboard about the same size of a folded newspaper (1 for top 1 for bottom)
stack about paper 8 pages deep, place fall leaves on paper try not to let them touch ,
 add  8 sheets more of paper and repeat . you can stack these about a foot deep.
Place cardboard on top then carefully wrap belts around the bundle tight. place in a dry sunny area for about a week.
 Or place in car for 2 to 3 days ,it works like a dehydrator ! take out and check it , They should be dry . If not try one more day. this my favorite way! Solar Power !
Make a bunch and have a pressing party ! you can get the leaves from a park or anywhere .
Hope this helps ?!
I also make bookmarks and cards with flowers and leaves. if you need ideas check the  picture site below.


find out how to make a press
on the other blog of mine

and my flikr site
Please leave comments it's nice to know if You like what I'm posting!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pressed "Queen of the night" Flowers

This is one I have plans for making a picture of a Queen, this will become part of her dress!
It was cut apart and pressed flat in blotter paper and cardboard ,then placed in a box with silica gel.

I sliced the stem off and sliced it in half long wise to dry on a piece of folded blotter paper,then sandwiched it in cardboard, This went in the silica box too.
If you click the flower it will show a big picture for you to get close up!

This one I pressed flat in a padded press place in the silica box. After filling boxes I took the out the next morning and sat them in my truck to heat the boxes for 2 days , brought in for 2 more days, then took them out! 
I did have to use a very soft brush to get some of the crystals off but they are soft flexible and gorgeous ! 

Well that is it for now , I found my glues the other day maybe I can finally get a picture made of this flower to show to you next time ! Thanks for stopping by and check back in for more.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

update on the Queen of the Night Flower

It bloomed again , I pressed and dried 3 this time! 
I used silica crystals and made one 3D. I'll post those next.
i have a picture in mind for the 3D one already :-)

here's info on the cool Loofah gourd I grew this year

I'll post pictures of mine soon.

(Luffa aegyptiaca

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Red Tail Hawk visited me today...

click the pic and you can see it better !

This is dedicated to

Annie Stevens , Who wrote a beautiful story on her Yahoo blog inviting you to take a walk with her. She made You think You could hear the sounds of nature!
I just read her story today and then the hawk came again to visit this afternoon !
This is a red tail hawk in my back yard playing with a bird it caught! Please do not get upset that I did not stop him or her this is nature . I was just lucky enough to be around and You were lucky I thought to get the camera! LoL
This was taken through a screen so it is a little blurred . I am preparing to put a video on youtube and I will add the link. ASAP
or add it here soon.
Maybe if I'm Lucky I can get Annie's permission to add her story to the video ? Cross your fingers!
Thanks for dropping by . Come back critters are always visiting!
here's the youtube thingy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

check out this site about dandelions
it is so cool I did not want to forget it!
great things to use them for!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

check out this cool plant ,it blooms at mid-night

Hi all I thought I'd share this beautiful flower with you , since it was shared with us! Our neighbors have this totally cool flower called Hylocereus undatus or Night-Blooming Cereus . They also call it, Queen of the night! I like that !
The Night-blooming Cereus is a cool plant, and makes wait for the flower, as it blooms at night-time only, the flowers closing up when exposed to the day-light. They are magnificent flowers when in full bloom , but, unhappily, are short-lived, a flower never opening a second time. The plant belongs to the Cactus Family, and requires the same general treatment.
We were fortunate to have them share with us a cutting of the plant , so I am reading up on it !
I will give some sites to check out more about it at the end here!
Thanks to Dea and Tommy, for the cool flower and sharing the big moment of it blooming with us!

this is the way it looked about 8:30 pm
You can click the picture and get a full screen view ! On the first picture when you click it you can see new flowers starting . Guess that means We will be staying up late again!

I was so tired that night , then when they came to tell us it was to bloom .We stayed up till 11:30, with flashlight in hand ,we are walking around in their yard , to take these other pictures of it opening !!

Well seconds after the pictures were took I pulled a flower and was getting it ready to dry for pressing!!
It has a Fabulous smell , I could hardly breath standing over top of it putting it in the drying powder it was so strong ! It was the next morning when it dawned on me I could have gotten 2?
They make perfume of these flowers I found out on the web!
Here is a few cool web sites where it was the Flower of the week , and they had great information!
please let me know if you liked this ?
I will be taking the flower out of the drying crystals tomorrow I will try to share that too!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This one is for my Mom

Blue Grosbeak
This is a Yellow Tanager in a pomegranate tree. I am getting some of these trees for my new place too.
You will want to click the pictures to get a better view!

Red Tanager
These Robins would come and knock all the water out bathing, they were fun to watch.

Squirrel, Just hanging around!
Goldfinch , I loved catching the one in flight!
eastern bluebird , gold finch
Eastern Blue Bird
this is a Purple finch , they are really red!
Well It seems my Mom thinks i am spending too much time with reptiles. She told me if I did not do something like Birds and Butterflies she was going to call me , "Snake woman"
So these are for You, Mom! I love all the creatures. I actually have close to a 1000 shots of just creatures alone!
this video is of a mockingbird that would come pick on the vehicles almost everyday for awhile!