Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing Myself
Hello everyone this is Terica Kay . I am in North Carolina.

I am a Mother of Three sons and G-mom to Two beautiful twin Grandsons. AND a new 3/09 Granddaughter !
I was also a Custodian at a school for 10 years , and many of those kids call me “Mom” today . I’m a mom to 100’s !?! this can be hair pulling at times!? !LOL

I am not “mother Theresa” nor could I be !?! But I do believe as she did that One person can’t change the world , BUT one person Can make changes .
I am a Naturalist , Hippy and a Anti-War Activist .
To clarify who I feel I am and to make more definition of my titles,
( which by the way, I Detest titles) here is a break down …

Naturalist… I love the earth and believe God expects Us all to do our part to take care of it! Thinking Green is nothing New to Me.
I sure think it’s Cool it’s coming back!

Hippy … My idea of being a Hippy is just believing in a Peaceful way of living. Not conforming or submitting to peer pressure of society , labels and foolish decisions of our government .
hippie also hippy from dictionary

A person who opposes and rejects many of the conventional standards and customs of society, especially one who advocates extreme liberalism in sociopolitical attitudes and lifestyles.

It does not say anything about non bathing , pot smoking or
Terrorist as I have been called just for “Putting up a Peace sign.”
A better definition to me …
To be a hippie you must believe in peace as the way to resolve differences among peoples, ideologies and religions.
The way to peace is through love and tolerance.
Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging them based on appearances. This is the core of the hippie philosophy.

You create your own reality.
So being a hippie is not a matter of dress, behavior, economic status, or social milieu.
It is a philosophical approach to life that emphasizes freedom, peace, love and a respect for others and the earth.
The way of the hippie never died.
There have always been hippies from the first time society laid down rules, to Jesus, to Henry David Thoreau, to John Lennon, to you and me.
I believe there's a little hippy in all of us.
It's just been repressed by our socialization process. We need to find it and cultivate our hippie within. Only then can we reach our true potential.

Anti-War Activist …
First let me tell You , I support our Soldiers ,
NOT the War.
My middle Son is a soldier for the Army . He is 19 and a father of twins. While he should have been using his High IQ to get ahead in life . He had a Military Recruiter after him like a hound on it’s prey. Bribing him into the service . Promising him Bull shit they knew they couldn’t enforce . This started at 9th grade. Continually putting stuff in his head all through high school. His father signed him up for national guard at 17 , in Nov of 05. ,Without my consent. We were divorced. It was Mother’s day 06 when I found out.
After many tears and stiffened backs , We called a truce !? Agreeing to disagree ! He promised me he’d keep an open mind and I too agreed. He knows I support him and will continue to pray for his safety and courage to do what he has to do.
Along with him, prayers Go to all the other Soldiers out there.
I also pray for this Government too. That it will do what is Right not fight for oil and material things.
Along with this I feel I have to PROTEST this war and continue to try to get the youth of America to realize ( THEY CAN CHANGE THINGS !?!) and Do it!

Favorite Quote:

Life is short , make Fun of it!!
Rules I live by:
try to live as never been hurt !

Try to use freecycle ,thrift stores and anything that will help.
Love the earth !

so now you know me. I hope you Still like me!!?

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  1. congratulations on your first blog and the new grandbaby. New you could do it. Will have to add you to my blog list.

    "Bead Between The Lines"

    Crafterschallenge member


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