Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nature Lice Hair Treatment

Hi everybody I read a tip from a good friend that said your blog should be on something , that people want to know about ...? 
Funny thing I opened this blog to talk about flowers?? go blank every time I start?
Well unfortunately LICE is something I learned a lot about in my life! So I am writing about it today.
  As some of you may know I once was a custodian for a K-5 school . I was also a mother, of boys in the scouts ,sports and church and was blessed with being a part of Many kids lives. All the wonderful places you get Lice! LOL
Well I found a wonderful miracle recipe that helped rid/cure a scary amount of lice in our school, passing this recipe along word of mouth . The school nurse even gave it out as an extra preventative to lice. 
Now I am passing it on to you. The worst side effect I have found is Fluffy hair ! My middle son did not like the puffy hair , we had to use some old fashion hair grease to make him happy .It gives life to the limpest hair! LOL

Hope this helps someone from having the terrible experiences, I have had with a thick head of hair ! I am also highly allergic to bug repellents ,so needless to say it has done me great harm using commercial products such as rid and other chemicals before I found this!
Anti -Lice Conditioner ...
ingredients are cheap and can be found and used for other household uses.
Cling Wrap
1/2 cup Vegetable oil , mineral oil or olive oil.
1 tablespoon of Anise
1 tablespoon of Rosemary
Pour oil in microwave proof cup or bowl 
Put herbs in a coffee filter or thin cloth , use thread to tie it.(not wire twist tie)
place herb bag in oil . Heat slowly in microwave just enough to get oil hot. Be careful to let it heat up the herbs but do not use till it is cool to touch .
let oil sit while preparing Hair.

Part (DRY) Hair in sections . Something like this , more sections for thick hair...

Using herb bag to apply
Start at crown of head and around ears applying oil generously .
Continue over every strain of hair and Hair line too. Soak down good!!
Now for the Cling wrap,  ball all the hair up to the head if long.
Wrap the whole head of hair with cling wrap. Pat it down once in place.
Now leave this on 2 hours. Yes it is a long time but Well worth it . it will smother the live lice and eggs too.

 Now after at least 2 hours. comb through hair with Lice comb ,if you don't have one , use the finest comb you have.Dog flea combs work well also.
(hey desperate times call for desperate measures!)LOL

Shampoo twice and re comb! No conditioner needed!!
continue to comb through hair checking for one week at the least.

Believe me it works. 

God only knows the torture I went through before I found this recipe. I almost shaved my head and my hair was past my shoulders .Hope it makes one person's life easier , then it will be worth posting.
God Bless and Don't stress!

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