Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recycle Your Plastic Easter eggs , with SLIME...

Okay what to do with those left over eggs!
Make them Slime containers... Yes Slime all kids love it.
I have bribed kids with this Cool recipe.. make a batch or two with kids or yourself to give to kids. It is an Easy hit!
Slime Recipe
1 cup of white glue
2 cups Warm water (not hot)
food coloring
2 teaspoons Borax powder (great stuff for clothes too)
In a bowl , mix together Glue, 1 cup of water ,and food coloring (about 5 drops) will be lighter that it appears Most the time)
Separately , mix remaining water a Borax stir till dissolved.
Pour borax mixture into Glue mixture . Stir until a glob forms , then knead it with your hands till completely combined. Will last longer if kept cool in frig.
you can also use the Clear Blue Glue , you will get a more translucent slime . cost a wee bit more.
Last ingredient , Have fun making smiles!


  1. This sounds way easier than ringing out slugs, the old fashioned way.

  2. too funny Dan! less sticky too !


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