Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms Everywhere

click on the picture for a close up of my newest Garden friend!

Hi all , Hope you all have a great day . I went to spend some time with my Mom Friday and spent the night. I do not like being out there in the traffic and city on holidays! I am just a "country bumpkin" speaking of found a bunch of daisies growing Wild on the highway , stopped and got her some to add with the other flowers I was bringing to her! :o)
We had a Blast ! we went to the Mall and ate . I am very Proud to say I lost my shopping bag and it was returned!!! It was nice to know folks are still good out there!
We went to Walmart and shopped there , I found some beautiful heirloom yellow pear tomato plants and some yellow bell peppers !!! Could not find any around home left, too many Gardeners ! had to find them in the Big city! Yeah.
Mom found a cute little multicolored plant it's flowers look kind of like snapdragons. the size of your little nail. then she found a Loaded fuchsia plant ! Her apartment looks like a flower shop!
we finished shopping went back and ate pizza . Signed her up for the WWPFG , then stayed up till after 2 am , i got up as usual at 6 in a daze! Sending her Welcoming letter to the Guild!!!
I left and was home by 1:30 ,unpacked and Crashed for an hour or so!!
So then I went out to plant my yellow tomatoes in my raised garden spot! I had dug the second hole when I thought I saw a Pretty colored leaf! as I am reaching down telling it " Aren't you Pretty ! It LOOKed back at me!!! It was a snake :O) It wasn't moving much to get away , so I thought I had probably chopped him by accident with my hoe? :o( Turned out it was too full from eating by the shape of it was a small vole!!!
I ran in the house , told Carl and grabbed my camera ! I have learned we Only have 4 snakes in North Carolina state that are Poison . I figured he probably was not? So I took pictures ,then scooped him up in an old pot till I could find out what is was?
In minutes I found out it was a Non -Poisonous Eastern Hog-nose /aka Puff Adder snake. Gets about 2 feet or so . Best part they eats slugs, snails and voles!!!!
So we put it back in the garden! Yes we put him back. So Long slimy critters eating My pansies!
So look at the Newest addition to my garden! Watch out slugs !! he'll be ready to eat again soon!
Happy gardening!


  1. the new addition to your garden is quite handsome!:-)...great story!:-)


  2. Hi Terica, what can I say...I'm totally confused in blogland! Thanks for becoming my first follower. I will pop in to see you now and then. Thanks for sharing your life.
    I think I have left a comment for you on someone else's blog hmmmmmmmm, don't know what they must think! Silly me!! Hope she or he will realise my mistake and see the funny side.


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