Monday, May 25, 2009

Morning Glories ,this is for Becky and her Flower Friends!

I had the privilege of meeting a Lady named Becky through . Great place to give away or get things that we don't need but still has life left. I have even saw cars on there!
Anyway She was asking for Plants for her and some flower friends! So I took the chance to get rid of some more of my houseplants and some stuff from the yard I have a whole lot of and could afford to share! I just brought around 2 flats of flowers to my Mom and her friends less than 3 weeks ago. I just can't stand to see flowers get thrown out. Everything i have, multiplies some how!! I scattered seeds everywhere too, thinking just a few would come up and Most are!
YEAH ,more flowers! I told her I would try to blog about what i gave her and show her pictures.
I had lots of morning glory so I loaded her up with those too. so here's the first flower .
I will try to get more up ASAP.

Morning glory vines grow very fast, reaching 10 feet or more two months after seeds
sprout, and they will climb on just
about any support. Profusely flowering against a background of pale green foliage, they
quickly form lovely hedges or
screens. The vines are sometimes used as a temporary ground cover, and do well in hanging
baskets and containers. They
should be planted in full sun and need a soil that is not too fertile or moist to prevent
the production of leaves instead of flowers.
Their requirements are few, and their daily crop of freshly
opened blue, and scarlet with white single trumpet-shaped
flowers makes them wonderful Patriotic Flowers are normally open only from dawn to
mid morning, but the newer varieties
tend to hold their flowers open most of the day, especially in cloudy weather.
Here's what I do to them ... ready for the Press!

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