Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This one is for my Mom

Blue Grosbeak
This is a Yellow Tanager in a pomegranate tree. I am getting some of these trees for my new place too.
You will want to click the pictures to get a better view!

Red Tanager
These Robins would come and knock all the water out bathing, they were fun to watch.

Squirrel, Just hanging around!
Goldfinch , I loved catching the one in flight!
eastern bluebird , gold finch
Eastern Blue Bird
this is a Purple finch , they are really red!
Well It seems my Mom thinks i am spending too much time with reptiles. She told me if I did not do something like Birds and Butterflies she was going to call me , "Snake woman"
So these are for You, Mom! I love all the creatures. I actually have close to a 1000 shots of just creatures alone!
this video is of a mockingbird that would come pick on the vehicles almost everyday for awhile!