Sunday, July 12, 2009

check out this site about dandelions
it is so cool I did not want to forget it!
great things to use them for!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

check out this cool plant ,it blooms at mid-night

Hi all I thought I'd share this beautiful flower with you , since it was shared with us! Our neighbors have this totally cool flower called Hylocereus undatus or Night-Blooming Cereus . They also call it, Queen of the night! I like that !
The Night-blooming Cereus is a cool plant, and makes wait for the flower, as it blooms at night-time only, the flowers closing up when exposed to the day-light. They are magnificent flowers when in full bloom , but, unhappily, are short-lived, a flower never opening a second time. The plant belongs to the Cactus Family, and requires the same general treatment.
We were fortunate to have them share with us a cutting of the plant , so I am reading up on it !
I will give some sites to check out more about it at the end here!
Thanks to Dea and Tommy, for the cool flower and sharing the big moment of it blooming with us!

this is the way it looked about 8:30 pm
You can click the picture and get a full screen view ! On the first picture when you click it you can see new flowers starting . Guess that means We will be staying up late again!

I was so tired that night , then when they came to tell us it was to bloom .We stayed up till 11:30, with flashlight in hand ,we are walking around in their yard , to take these other pictures of it opening !!

Well seconds after the pictures were took I pulled a flower and was getting it ready to dry for pressing!!
It has a Fabulous smell , I could hardly breath standing over top of it putting it in the drying powder it was so strong ! It was the next morning when it dawned on me I could have gotten 2?
They make perfume of these flowers I found out on the web!
Here is a few cool web sites where it was the Flower of the week , and they had great information!
please let me know if you liked this ?
I will be taking the flower out of the drying crystals tomorrow I will try to share that too!