Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pressing Fall leaves

If you are wanting an easy and fun way to decorate for fall . Press a bunch of leaves for the table decoration. you can also use mini leaves on your invitations and table place markers.
leaves are easy to press , Really !
 It takes newspapers ,one or 2 large old belts and cardboard and of course Leaves! .
 grasses work good for centerpieces too !
cut 2 pieces of cardboard about the same size of a folded newspaper (1 for top 1 for bottom)
stack about paper 8 pages deep, place fall leaves on paper try not to let them touch ,
 add  8 sheets more of paper and repeat . you can stack these about a foot deep.
Place cardboard on top then carefully wrap belts around the bundle tight. place in a dry sunny area for about a week.
 Or place in car for 2 to 3 days ,it works like a dehydrator ! take out and check it , They should be dry . If not try one more day. this my favorite way! Solar Power !
Make a bunch and have a pressing party ! you can get the leaves from a park or anywhere .
Hope this helps ?!
I also make bookmarks and cards with flowers and leaves. if you need ideas check the  picture site below.


find out how to make a press
on the other blog of mine

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  1. Terrica,
    Great blogs! I really like the background image you used on this one. Beautiful! The link to your Flicker album with pics of the press construction doesn't work.
    Lynn L (WWPFG)

  2. Hi Lynn , thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me know about the Flickr site I think I have it working now. plus I added a link to the other blog which I now have several press ideas on.


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