Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our acre of Peace reaching Fall

Our Mandevillas , we have white light pink and hot pink .
They grow 6 to 8 foot a season or more . LOTS of flowers ! Makes great fairy skirts . They are Carl's babies .

The red one is new this year.
this one has a different leaf than the others and smaller too.

Tickseed Sunflower , this is growing on the gas pipeline at the end of our land. There are millions of them!

check out this field of

Tickseed Sunflower (Bidens aristosa)

Identification: Ray florets golden yellow, well developed, flower, as a whole, conspicuous. Seeds (achenes) with a papery margin. Leaflike bracts below flower 8 to 10 in number with outer bracts shorter than inner bracts. Leaves divided into a number of dentate leaflets. Plant between 1 and 5 feet in height.

Waterloo Blue Passion Flower (Texan flower) We just bought this it says it will get 6 to 8 feet ! I missed pressing this one :-( Still waiting for the next bloom before frost ?
We also have the native NC purple ,we are going to transplant near this !

Twin mini roses , they press red with a shadow of gold !
heading for the press.

coleus or basil , either way is was free and gorgeous ! I found this growing in the yard this spring ,smelled it and thought it was basil ? smelled good but light ,it was small at the time! not now some of it is 3 feet. this Writer Spider likes it .
Well now I am not sure ,but I think it is coleus ? I know it is gorgeous but does not taste like Basil. yuk!!

I hope you have enjoyed these few items from my yard .
I will post more later.

click any photo for larger image.

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  1. Your yard is really getting pretty. Mom


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