Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My October Pressed Flower Class Picture

Hi ,thanks for stopping by to see my newest picture I made for my Master class at WWPFG. We had a fabulous teacher 
Irina Orlova that gave excellent instructions all month long via internet group ! It is so much fun and challenging too.  

It is also interesting to see how each student's picture looks a little different ! Trying to upload from the scanner I realized I was having trouble making My scanner copy it the way it really looked? There are so many things to learn?? so little time . At the guild we have talked about Photoshop and those kind of programs to touch up or change a picture or to just try to make it look real as life? I decided to show You the different varieties my programs did ! I was just playing please don't think I am good at this by far. My computer came loaded with programs ,some I still haven't tried in 3 years??Any way here is some examples! 
All of these pictures you can click to enlarge to see better.

This is of a Old wooden windmill in the Ukraine
I tried as hard as I could to copy Irina's lovely work as my skills would allow. When I had trouble with the windmill I decided to search for examples of windmills !? Out of over 300+ images I found 2 like this one from our class!!

This first one on the left has not been touched. It is the nearest to what it looks like real life! It is only an 8 x10 . There are a lot of wonderful fall colors in here from so may neat different plants. And in this case different places from wonderful guild members! The Silver Poplar leaves in the sky came from Pat Smith in Tennessee ! As well as the goose came from Marie Ann Robinson's advice of using this leaf to make a bird! The cool 2 toned plant in the front came from Annamaria in Ireland . The dog was made from banana skin . I started out trying to make another goose but arthritis helped it become a Dog head. 
I like him. 

The one on the right I used a touch up thingy on a free picasaweb program I downloaded ages ago and just decided to try. I did touch up through out . Look under the goose at the shadowing that looks like geese in the distance .That was just a fluke from trying to play with the sky! 
Personally I like the real thing better.

Then there is this one, which I just hit scan on my printer and this is what it came out like?? So we really can change our pictures to look a lot different with those programs !
For the better or worse sometimes. Still looking for my watermark? LOL
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this info or picture.

FYI : here is a link to a windmill like this from the back side ! Hmm ,may need to try that!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vote for myEntry # 1 on a blog contest !

I just went to the site and got the direct ( I hope) address (hope that works?)
I am entry  # 1  with the PF . she has them numbered kind of weird ?
Oh well it was fun regardless it got me warmed up for the Oct class ,which was fabulous!
back to the presses !
Thanks in advance to all for voting !
my picture is below on the last blog here