Saturday, January 9, 2010

My first attempt at Upcycling for Swapbot swap

front of Leaf bookmark
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 Hi all I am in a swap on Swap-bot to share blogs and get new people to join my blog . 
So I thought I'd say Hello and Thank you to all of You swappers that visit. i have enjoyed Swap-bot and getting Snail Mail !!!

If you have any trouble leaving a comment Please PM me and I will look in to it ASAP.

This was one of the 9 bookmarks I made for a swap. I really liked doing these and intend to make a bunch to give away as business cards too .
Thanks again for visiting and Please feel free to check out the rest of my Blog and here is a link to my other If you'd like to look! 
Peace and Happy New Year .


  1. what a beautiful blog, thank you for the follow, i love all the swaps you have made. Have a wonderful day

  2. Hi Terica, thanks for the follow. I decided to circle back and check out YOUR blog and I love it.
    take care
    lin (linpengierhody). I just realized I am signing my posts with the wrong name. Dummy
    take care

  3. That is a very creative business card. I bought a book at a junk store about calling cards. I've been thinking about making some for those times when I go calling.

  4. love it!:-)

    you are so creative!:-)


  5. what is swap bot? Can I join this? I am following your blog, not because of that, but because I think your work is brilliant! I would love to feature it on my blog- Mommy's Pursuit of Handmade at If you are interested, just post comment on the blog with your URL.

  6. What a great photo instruction for making Swap. I was always afraid of making them. I should give it a try now. Thank you!


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