Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pressed Flowers and Leaf Art / Canadian Beauty

This is my newest creation , I call it my "Canadian Beauty"  These wonderful pressed  leaves were gave me by a Dear friend named Dee Marie from Saskatchewan Canada .

   She also did  the the great photography work of all the nature scenes in the big picture . Unfortunately my photography is not  as good , so You will not be able to appreciate Just how wonderful this collection is.
Well let me tell You the story of this picture! 
Dee sent me most of  these wonderful leaves last year in at the first of winter in a folder using these wonderful pictures as "rejects in her eyes" to just have something stiff in there to protect the pressed flowers and leaves. I was so excited to get her package. To keep customs from picking through this fragile cargo she had it Well taped.:o)  As soon as I saw the picture in the middle , I knew I wanted to frame it .
The quote on it says " All Roads Lead Somewhere ..." 
  Well I had recently been told at that time , that the house we were renting was being foreclosed on ,so we were going to have to move. I hate moving and this time we had a dog . Long story short we have a beautiful acre of land we were paying on with a VERY worn out house on it. We are going to take each room apart and make it new again as $ and time will allow. So for many months I was not able to create :o( 
When I did get to unpack my some of my craft things to try to find some dogwood for Dee (which does not grow there) I looked through several big tubs of flowers looking for treasures to send her and found the wonderful package from Dee. It was like receiving it all over again! This time I knew I wanted a Picture for the first finished room we have now. Our bathroom!! So then I found this really cool frame at the recycling center that was in good condition. It was huge but I had been told by another artist Conrad that Big pictures were easier ! 
LOL It matters on How you do it , I found out the hard way!
First off I could not think of covering the pictures or cutting them !!:o(  
So my OCD side fought with my carefree side and won!! made me measure everything to make sure the pictures stayed centered ! Then I started covering the whole paper that was behind the old picture in the frame using practically every leaf she had sent me in 2 different packages !! I decided to use mod podge to glue and seal.Coating the leaves on both sides of the leaves to protect them more going in to my bathroom .
It took me approx 6 hours ( in 3 days) not counting drying times to finally get it were i said to myself This is it! I was proud as a peacock and I still had a hand full of dainty leaves left . Only using Her leaves! I posted the picture of it while the seal was still wet. I was so excited for Dee to see. I said, I would frame it next day and re-post a picture!
OMG , the next day I realized my picture was about 1/4 an inch short all the way around????????? In total it is around 21x27 inches!

So after much thinking and fussing and growling ? I even dreamed on it! I did not want to use any of my leaves that would take away from the "Canadian Beauty"  So I found some dark pear leaves that look almost like leather and trimmed it with those !
Here is my Finished "Canadian Beauty" ... Now hanging in my New bathroom !  
From My pics to blog about in 2010

Hope You love it as much as I do ! Please leave comments!  
Here it is in the BR :o)

for more close ups You can visit my photo link listed above.Peace 


  1. Hi Terica!

    Love the photos and the colorful leaves! I wish I can press and come up with some colors that are not brown! lol!

  2. of course you can, leaves are the simplest to press. I use newspaper and telephone books for them . put a stiff board on top and bottom , then strap up with a couple of old belts. then out to the car for drying!
    they are fabulous things to do with the brown owns too!that's what i used to trim the outer edge of the picture!
    peace and thanks for stopping by Marge.

  3. Hi Terica, I sat here and stared at your fantastic rendition of 'Canadian Beauty'very well done and the darker leaves around the edge really add to the beauty as almost looks like an unique matte; I am very proud that you chose to do something so special for your own decor with my leaves.
    Thank you dear friend.

  4. This is stunning. Sarah will be inspired.

    Denise (Sarah's Mom)

  5. Beautiful job, Terica! I loved seeing it hanging in your new bathroom! Dee is a real sweety, isen't she?

  6. The picture is beautiful, how could it be anything less. It was done with LOVE. Leaves sent from a friend supplied by God himself. And a talent he gave you to see the beauty he displays for all to see. Some look at leaves on the ground and thinks oh crap, I've got to rake all these darn leaves, not seeing the beauty God displayed.
    You have a wonderful talent and an eye for beauty. I'm truly proud of you. I know your Grandma is smiling with pride and saying to the other Angels, That's My Granddaughter that done that.
    Love you, Mom

  7. Hey Terica, Great picture! You should be very proud of how far you have come in pressed flower accomplishments! I'm impressed!
    Hugs, Lynn (from IL)

  8. Thanks for the blog.I have gone through your blog and the idea is simply great.Good job done.

  9. Hi all , Thanks so much for coming by and leaving such up lifting words.
    Peace ,Terica

  10. Hi Terica,
    Your picture is beautiful! Ithink that by adding the pear leaves it helped accentuate the lovely colours. Wonderful job! Andas Rebekah says ruffle those peacock feathers!!!! LOL

  11. Wow, what a beautiful piece! I've found some of the most beautiful leaves in Canada. I love what you did with yours! Definitely gives me some ideas for projects.

    Anyway, my name is Ashley and I'm from Swap-Bot. My user name there is QueenQuill. My blog can be found here:

    Talk to you later!

  12. This is great - so colorful and beautiful!


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