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Cards for Cancer : Answers to Questions about Cards for Cancer and Updates

 March 4th update
Hello all here is the highlights of what is  needed for the Cards for Cancer.
1! Please send cards to me by April 3rd if possible , the address is  below.(I need time to check to see if they are filled out with all needed.?
2 . Please write a short uplifting message inside.(More details below)please sign it.While the messages are important please remember that its your time, thought and compassion that really makes the difference. put your web site on there if you like.
If for a certain age or sex please write that on the outside of the envelope .examples: to a female warrior ,to a little girl...
3. Write on the back of the let them know who brought this together.
4.DO Not seal the card , I must check it to make sure it is filled out. 
5. Have fun with this, blog about it take pictures !send them to and me I will post them on my blog!
Thanks so much for helping me help some others! 

hi everyone , I had a friend or 2 asking questions about the Cards for Cancer so I decided to put them here to try to help!
 the address to send the finished cards to is 
Terica Luxton
3616 Lee Ave

do i put a quote inside the card and leave it blank?...Quotes are fine just not get well. if it is for a certain sex or age write that on the envelope.

What is their names?  I have no names , just know there are folks of all ages and sex. 

do i write a note like i am writing it and sign it from rebekah:-)?They really want folks to write in them, be personal but Uplifting .

do i write on there somewhere?...YES I am recommending writing on the back of the card .

do i leave my website sticker on or off?...Put it on i just bought stickers that has my info and the wwpfg logo on it ! I think they would love to know more about who is sending the cards.

how do i get to your blog thingee to sign up?.. Here's the link

Try this above link ,if it does not work go below to previous blog and click where it says,Sign up sheet for team : "Flower Pressers and Friends"
If you have any questions Please email or even better leave a comment here so all can know ! 
Thanks for reading and helping!
more updates.
Some people have been asking for advice on what to write in their cards. While the messages are important please remember that its your time, thought and compassion that really makes the difference. With that said here are some tips on writing messages in your cards:
1- Try to stay away from “Get Well”. Unfortunately some of the recipients of your cards will not get well and this message, while a positive one, can be hard for some.  Because we do not know specifically who will receive your cards its a good idea to stay away from any type of “Get Well” messages.
2- “Thinking of You” “Wishing You Well” “You Are In Our Thoughts” “Encouraging You Through Your Battle’ etc…are all great messages to include in your cards.
3- Uplifting quotes are always great
4- Drawings without any message at all work too.
5-Try to stay gender and age neutral as you do not know who will be receiving your cards. However, if you know you are delivering to a childrens center, woman’s center etc….you can be more specific.
6- We ask that you include somewhere in your card so that people who want to receive more cards know about our services.
7- Hospitals have asked that people not include religious messages in their cards.
8- Hospitals have asked not to store cards in a home where someone smokes cigarettes and that they are kept in a smoke free environment. No perfumed items either.
If you need answers from me PLEASE ask here to help others too.
or you have any questions or need some more suggestions please email

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Contest : Spirit Jump Cards For Cancer Day // Bloggers Unite

I have recently found out another friend has breast cancer. I do not believe there is a one of us that does not know someone dealing with cancer of some type. Knowing people would be over flowing her mailbox with cards made me think of all the folks that do not have that. 
I wanted to find a way to help make someone smile with sending a card or two. I found out about Spirit Jump and very am so glad I found it! 
To make it more interesting to all , I have decided to also make this a contest . The one that sends the most cards to me will receive a $25 Gift card to Walmart or $30 to WWPFG store   
 On April 10th 2010 Spirit Jump along with Bloggers Unite and its sponsors are pleased to bring you our First Annual Cards 4 Cancer Day. Battling cancer can be one of the most difficult and loneliest experiences a person can go through. With cancer touching so many lives around the world it’s time to let those battling cancer know they are not alone. Hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of cards will be delivered to cancer centers around the world on this day. Spirit Jump has set a goal of collectively delivering over 100,000 cards. Our mission is to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children who are involved in this battle. Wouldn't that be an amazing way to tell them you're pulling for them, praying for them?
I signed up as a Team Leader on Spirit Jump and also  Bloggers Unite.
Now I am asking Your help too . I need cards from everyone!!
I have a Cancer Center in mind in Chapel Hill ,NC .  also part of 

My goal is to Big a Minimum of 100 cards to the center April the 10th.
But Of course i have a Pickup truck if needed!!! (a girl can dream)
Will you please help me? 
Can You make a card or 2 ? You just make or buy a card , write something uplifting and send it me to bring to the center. You can ask everyone you can be handmade or bought, but all should have a positive message in them. (please no Get wells ,as many will not)
I am going to try to set up a separate page or blog just for this but wanted to get started ASAP. Here is more information. Email me or leave a comment here if you would like to join my team but have questions or click .... 

I think it's such an amazing thing that they are doing. Spirit Jump is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer. Spirit Jump accomplishes this by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts during this most difficult time. Currently there are around 200 people on our "Jumpee" list. The jumpees are the people receiving cards and gifts. 
If you would like to read more about Spirit Jump, please go to

Please CLICK HERE to check out this link. This is an opportunity to give to those who suffer with cancer. An opportunity to bring some brightness into their day.

All Teacher? Why not have your class make cards?
Children would love to receive cards from other children.

What better craft idea for a church class of Any Age!!

This is such an easy way to spread some love and positivity. Won't you join me?

The Cards

Teams will collect as many uplifting cards as they can. The cards will be delivered to the cancer centers on or around April 10th. Most cancer centers will not let you deliver them to the patients directly so the team leaders are going to be delivering the cards to someone at the center who will then have the staff pass the cards out to the cancer fighters. The cards can be handmade or store bought. We ask that you stay away from “GET WELL” and also any religious messages in your cards. The cards may be signed however the person making the card feels most comfortable. The cards may be in an envelope or not but if you do place them in an envelope we suggest leaving the envelope unsealed in case the staff needs to look at the cards before they deliver them. Also all cards should have somewhere on the card so that those who receive the cards will know where to go should they wish to receive more support. Team leaders should go through their cards to ensure that this has been done. If not the team leaders should write that in the cards.

Spirit Jump Cards For Cancer Day // Bloggers Unite  I have also join with Bloggers Unite in this helping to spread the word. They give some ways to promote it.

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Faux orchids / Pressed Flower Art / January 2010 class / food art

Hi all here is my newest creation ! 
I take my classes at ! they have the classes for download after the main class has been at private class directed online by the teacher in a discussion group for a month!!
A whole month of asking any question you have , hearing experiences others are having , and the best help and encouragement from your experienced Master Teacher!
Irina Orlova has a wonderful picture site   Irina's picture site 
She shows some of the pictures that have been done in the classes also some I still cant wait to learn!
The picture above was my finished product . I took it apart several times in between !
1st it was a loose piece ,then the orchids looked too big. then it needed just a little more white!
 You can click the pictures for a bigger view . I even have a tiny bee in it! 
This is a raised glass frame that made it perfect for this project since it is not Pressed to the glass as most Pressed Flower Art you see .
here are the mediums I used to do this picture.
I used a collage of Fall leaves for the background
white and red onions peels for the orchids flowers
 purple grass seeds and tiny white bouquets of of blanket of snow !
last but not least my little bee. I love those little creatures and this one needed a safe place .

Try a class sometime they have them online at
for beginners to Master. some free too. It amazing what good instructions can help You create !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love Pressed Flowers and Thrift Stores

I am so excited ! I love Pressed Flowers as You all know. I also love going to yard sales and thrift stores! I love to go find things to Up-cycle . I am a thrifty person by nature . anyway on with my all time Cool find.
I went to my favorite thrift store less than 2miles from me!!
I love going in there and look at their boxes of  frames  to see if I can find anything for my pressed flowers or find Pressed Flower Pictures !? 
Well this time I found this homemade antique looking  frame with kinda over sized wooden leaves at 3 out of 4 corners.  With a faded laminated pressed flower arrangement  that I almost passed up . I have been trying not to get things I have to fix before using because I don't get to it??
So I sat it down , looked at another box of frames saw someone pick up my old one and put it down . Well I went to pick it up (thinking I'll buy it to see if I can find out Who did the picture ?I pick it up and the back came half off . There I find a Surprise. A note and a tin picture !! I am flipping out digging for the missing piece of leaf for the frame then .there is  1 more box I haven't looked through yet! I was so shocked when there is another frame and picture as the other in the box ! When I picked it up I found another tin picture on the backside of the picture but no back to the frame ? i dug back through the other 2 boxes very carefully and found the back in 1  and a note in the last of the second picture! 
Is that not just wild ! I bought them ,brought them home and started tearing them down and doing some home-work !?!
I found out these folks are in the history of donated land to UNC .
Here's the Pictures and then I will give you some links on info about them.You can click them to see them bigger!


Side by side again at least on my site .
Rev. Wilson Atwater , married Eleanor McCauley, on 12/23/1819. 

He was minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church South; died 7/31/1885.
Eleanor's Father and uncle donated 250 acres of land to founding  UNC . more details below. 
There was lots of little things i found digging around!   
I guess I should also say I am a Research nut , I LOVE finding things like these pictures and putting a Real story with it. It took hours of searching but here is what I found.
 The site I found does not have her picture yet! Hopefully I will learn more and I will update then! Enjoy .

 Reverend Wilson Atwater
Birth: Dec. 3, 1797
Death: Jul. 31, 1885
Orange County
North Carolina, USA
Plot: Grave 2
Created by: Lost History
Record added: Jul 12, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 3935101

Eleanor McCauley Atwater
Birth:     Dec. 9, 1801
Death:     Mar. 2, 1872
Daughter of Matthew and Martha Johnston McCauley, who are buried in the McCauley Family Cemetery.
Wife of the Reverend Wilson Atwater.
 Family links:
  Matthew McCauley (1750 - 1832) Martha Ann Johnston McCauley (1760 - 1848)
 Spouse:  Wilson Atwater (1797 - 1885)
"Dead, yet liveth"
Burial: pics of site
Atwater Family Cemetery
Orange County
North Carolina, USA
Created by: Lost History
Record added: Jul 12, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 39350980
 Elainor's Father , Capt. Matthew McCauley. born in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland (source :McCauley Family Papers, 1788-1872, University of North Carolina). Their family were supposedly shipbuilders. They migrated to Orange County, North Carolina before the American Revolution.
During the Revolutionary War McCauley survived the harsh Pennsylvania weather at Valley Forge to return to Orange County where he donated 150 acres of land to assist in the founding of the University of North Carolina.
The McCauley family included Matthew McCauley, Sr. (1750-1832), who moved from Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland, to Orange County, N.C., prior to the American Revolution, served in the 10th North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army, and, with his brother William, donated 250 acres for the University of North Carolina; and Matthew McCauley, Jr. (born 1803), was the youngest child of 10 of  Matthew McCauley, Sr., and his wife, Martha Johnston McCauley. 
Matthew McCauley father of Elainor Atwater , helped start a
Congregational Christian church .

Congregational Christian
The Christian Church was born in protest against ecclesiasticism and the denial of individual freedom in the Methodist Episcopal Church, especially where it concerned appointing ministers.  The movement organized under the name of Republican Methodists, which name was later changed to Christian.  The founder, James O'Kelly, migrated to North Carolina, organized and was the first pastor of the Damascus Christian Church in the year 1797.  A Christian Church was organized in the 19th century in the town of Hillsborough, but did not flourish and was later absorbed by the Methodist Episcopal Church of Hillsborough.  Later, the Christian Church and the Congregational Church merged.

Damascus Congregational Christian Church was organized in 1797; leaders were Col. Matthew McCauley, John Wilson and Jesse Neville; first pastor was James O'Kelley; present building erected in 1892.

more info here 
Father of Rev. Wilson Atwater
 MOSES  ATWATER , grave site location
Location: Baldwin Township. 1100 feet south of SR 1540, Jones Ferry Road, 200 feet east of masonry dwelling on parcel 72126, Carolyn H. Barrett property, called Storybook Farm.

On 3 February 2001, this site was inspected by Will Heiser and Lamont Norwood. In the Cedar Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery (D15.1), there is a bronze plaque for Moses Atwater which says he was buried 1¬ miles east. At this location there is a monument with the notation: "80 feet west are graves of Moses Atwater and wife Amy Wilson [with their years]. Original Monument being destroyed [this monument] erected by descendants, 1975." Lamont Norwood remembers the story that the original markers were bulldozed and the area plowed over
 Owner: Carolyn H. Barrett.
    Legal Description: Parcel 72126, Deed 1327/408 Plat 96/122. Deed 632-503, 28 Dec 1993, George Warren Barrett, Sr., and wife Mary M. to George Warren Barrett, Jr. and wife Carolyn H. Barrett.
            Topo Quadrant: Bynum.
            Family owned: Yes.
            Maintained but not used: Yes.
            Number of graves: 2.
            Cemetery size: 10' x 10'.
            White: Yes.
            Restricted access: Yes. On private property
            Well maintained: Yes.
            Enclosed: No.
            Markers: Yes.
            Markers with inscriptions: Yes.
            Number of readable markers: 2.
            Last burial: 1852.
            First burial: 1836.
   1.  Amy Wilson
Atwater,   (b. 1775 - d. 1852) Wife of Moses Atwater
2.    Moses Atwater  (b. 1780 - d. 1836) 
 "Orig. monument being destroyed, Erected by Descendants, 1975" "80 feet west are graves of:". Monument also in Cedar Grove United Methodist Church Cem. (D15.1). 

    Miscellaneous information: Single monument with inscription "80 feet west of here are graves of Moses Atwater and wife Amy Wilson [with their years]. Original monument being destroyed, and [this monument] erected by descendants 1975.".
            Last canvassed by: Will M. Heiser/ Lamont Norwood. Date: 3 Feb 2001. Coordinate corrections made per Heiser's location on map and ownership info updated on 12 Jul 2008

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UP-Cycling With flowers for Swap-bot and friends

Hi all , Here are a few pics of some things I have been playing with.
I love to Up-cycle ,
this is taking something and recreating it into something else or fix up & reuse.
The frame of the last big leaf pic I did , came from the Recycling center (aka dump)
the print is on the back of my pic, LOL . 
I found a full size paper cutter last year!!! Anyway ...

#1 the confetti magnet , much prettier in person. Is a lid from the icing cup in the canned Cinnamon buns . I used a pink marker to highlight it. then used botanical glue to add and seal petal confetti from a card sadly "picked on by the PO" from a friend!! then a simple quote for the occasion " live it up"! lightly coat again with B -glue . then add magnet on the back! done :o)

#2 first one " I love flowers magnet " is a smaller lid , gold pen on back ground , lacy sticker, laminated flowers and a punched out heart. magnet on back!
second in pic .laminated cut out from 4 years ago with tiny flowers . magnet on back.

#3 .laminated and cut out azalea with gold ribbon .easy  other was sticker ribbon and hole punched hearts!


#4 & 5 are of an ATC  " artist trading card " it is a mixed media thing but a GOOD way to pass the word about Pressed Flowers too!
This is my first ATC I thought I was through with it then decided to add one more trick to it! i started to use sanwa but was too cheap (this is a swap not sale) so I used stretched out used dryer sheet instead.
hope you like them . I will be adding these and more to my blog hope fully today.
Still have to make a Heart ribbon bookmark , made one but it isn't heartsy !
Off to the PO ,will check in later and let you know about the blog!
Happy creating all!