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Cards for Cancer : Answers to Questions about Cards for Cancer and Updates

 March 4th update
Hello all here is the highlights of what is  needed for the Cards for Cancer.
1! Please send cards to me by April 3rd if possible , the address is  below.(I need time to check to see if they are filled out with all needed.?
2 . Please write a short uplifting message inside.(More details below)please sign it.While the messages are important please remember that its your time, thought and compassion that really makes the difference. put your web site on there if you like.
If for a certain age or sex please write that on the outside of the envelope .examples: to a female warrior ,to a little girl...
3. Write on the back of the let them know who brought this together.
4.DO Not seal the card , I must check it to make sure it is filled out. 
5. Have fun with this, blog about it take pictures !send them to and me I will post them on my blog!
Thanks so much for helping me help some others! 

hi everyone , I had a friend or 2 asking questions about the Cards for Cancer so I decided to put them here to try to help!
 the address to send the finished cards to is 
Terica Luxton
3616 Lee Ave

do i put a quote inside the card and leave it blank?...Quotes are fine just not get well. if it is for a certain sex or age write that on the envelope.

What is their names?  I have no names , just know there are folks of all ages and sex. 

do i write a note like i am writing it and sign it from rebekah:-)?They really want folks to write in them, be personal but Uplifting .

do i write on there somewhere?...YES I am recommending writing on the back of the card .

do i leave my website sticker on or off?...Put it on i just bought stickers that has my info and the wwpfg logo on it ! I think they would love to know more about who is sending the cards.

how do i get to your blog thingee to sign up?.. Here's the link

Try this above link ,if it does not work go below to previous blog and click where it says,Sign up sheet for team : "Flower Pressers and Friends"
If you have any questions Please email or even better leave a comment here so all can know ! 
Thanks for reading and helping!
more updates.
Some people have been asking for advice on what to write in their cards. While the messages are important please remember that its your time, thought and compassion that really makes the difference. With that said here are some tips on writing messages in your cards:
1- Try to stay away from “Get Well”. Unfortunately some of the recipients of your cards will not get well and this message, while a positive one, can be hard for some.  Because we do not know specifically who will receive your cards its a good idea to stay away from any type of “Get Well” messages.
2- “Thinking of You” “Wishing You Well” “You Are In Our Thoughts” “Encouraging You Through Your Battle’ etc…are all great messages to include in your cards.
3- Uplifting quotes are always great
4- Drawings without any message at all work too.
5-Try to stay gender and age neutral as you do not know who will be receiving your cards. However, if you know you are delivering to a childrens center, woman’s center etc….you can be more specific.
6- We ask that you include somewhere in your card so that people who want to receive more cards know about our services.
7- Hospitals have asked that people not include religious messages in their cards.
8- Hospitals have asked not to store cards in a home where someone smokes cigarettes and that they are kept in a smoke free environment. No perfumed items either.
If you need answers from me PLEASE ask here to help others too.
or you have any questions or need some more suggestions please email

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