Sunday, February 14, 2010

Faux orchids / Pressed Flower Art / January 2010 class / food art

Hi all here is my newest creation ! 
I take my classes at ! they have the classes for download after the main class has been at private class directed online by the teacher in a discussion group for a month!!
A whole month of asking any question you have , hearing experiences others are having , and the best help and encouragement from your experienced Master Teacher!
Irina Orlova has a wonderful picture site   Irina's picture site 
She shows some of the pictures that have been done in the classes also some I still cant wait to learn!
The picture above was my finished product . I took it apart several times in between !
1st it was a loose piece ,then the orchids looked too big. then it needed just a little more white!
 You can click the pictures for a bigger view . I even have a tiny bee in it! 
This is a raised glass frame that made it perfect for this project since it is not Pressed to the glass as most Pressed Flower Art you see .
here are the mediums I used to do this picture.
I used a collage of Fall leaves for the background
white and red onions peels for the orchids flowers
 purple grass seeds and tiny white bouquets of of blanket of snow !
last but not least my little bee. I love those little creatures and this one needed a safe place .

Try a class sometime they have them online at
for beginners to Master. some free too. It amazing what good instructions can help You create !


  1. You are so gifted..loved the movie presentation..hope you make it big doing all of Anita

  2. its really a good effort i must say.


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