Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Contest : Spirit Jump Cards For Cancer Day // Bloggers Unite

I have recently found out another friend has breast cancer. I do not believe there is a one of us that does not know someone dealing with cancer of some type. Knowing people would be over flowing her mailbox with cards made me think of all the folks that do not have that. 
I wanted to find a way to help make someone smile with sending a card or two. I found out about Spirit Jump and very am so glad I found it! 
To make it more interesting to all , I have decided to also make this a contest . The one that sends the most cards to me will receive a $25 Gift card to Walmart or $30 to WWPFG store   
 On April 10th 2010 Spirit Jump along with Bloggers Unite and its sponsors are pleased to bring you our First Annual Cards 4 Cancer Day. Battling cancer can be one of the most difficult and loneliest experiences a person can go through. With cancer touching so many lives around the world it’s time to let those battling cancer know they are not alone. Hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of cards will be delivered to cancer centers around the world on this day. Spirit Jump has set a goal of collectively delivering over 100,000 cards. Our mission is to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children who are involved in this battle. Wouldn't that be an amazing way to tell them you're pulling for them, praying for them?
I signed up as a Team Leader on Spirit Jump and also  Bloggers Unite.
Now I am asking Your help too . I need cards from everyone!!
I have a Cancer Center in mind in Chapel Hill ,NC .
http://www.unchealthcare.org/site  also part of http://unclineberger.org/ 

My goal is to Big a Minimum of 100 cards to the center April the 10th.
But Of course i have a Pickup truck if needed!!! (a girl can dream)
Will you please help me? 
Can You make a card or 2 ? You just make or buy a card , write something uplifting and send it me to bring to the center. You can ask everyone you know...cards can be handmade or bought, but all should have a positive message in them. (please no Get wells ,as many will not)
I am going to try to set up a separate page or blog just for this but wanted to get started ASAP. Here is more information. Email me or leave a comment here if you would like to join my team but have questions or click .... 

I think it's such an amazing thing that they are doing. Spirit Jump is a grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer. Spirit Jump accomplishes this by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts during this most difficult time. Currently there are around 200 people on our "Jumpee" list. The jumpees are the people receiving cards and gifts. 
If you would like to read more about Spirit Jump, please go to www.spiritjump.org.

Please CLICK HERE to check out this link. This is an opportunity to give to those who suffer with cancer. An opportunity to bring some brightness into their day.

All Teacher? Why not have your class make cards?
Children would love to receive cards from other children.

What better craft idea for a church class of Any Age!!

This is such an easy way to spread some love and positivity. Won't you join me?

The Cards

Teams will collect as many uplifting cards as they can. The cards will be delivered to the cancer centers on or around April 10th. Most cancer centers will not let you deliver them to the patients directly so the team leaders are going to be delivering the cards to someone at the center who will then have the staff pass the cards out to the cancer fighters. The cards can be handmade or store bought. We ask that you stay away from “GET WELL” and also any religious messages in your cards. The cards may be signed however the person making the card feels most comfortable. The cards may be in an envelope or not but if you do place them in an envelope we suggest leaving the envelope unsealed in case the staff needs to look at the cards before they deliver them. Also all cards should have spiritjump.org somewhere on the card so that those who receive the cards will know where to go should they wish to receive more support. Team leaders should go through their cards to ensure that this has been done. If not the team leaders should write that in the cards.

Spirit Jump Cards For Cancer Day // Bloggers Unite  I have also join with Bloggers Unite in this helping to spread the word. They give some ways to promote it.

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  1. This is a wonderful thing to do for the men women and children dealing with the terrible diease.
    Cancer, it touches so many lives, it does not care about you sex, age, nationality, if you're a loving person or not. But in doing this sending cards to these wonder and strong people it's a way of letting them know they are not going through this alone. There is people all over the world sharing in their fight against this diease to put a stop to it. Love never fails. Sharing a dream with those we love and those that need to know there is others out there that love them.

  2. Thanks Mom ,hopefully I can make my goal!hugs

  3. Hi Terica, I would like to be on your team to send these cards. I will send as many as I can by the beginning of April, is that ok?
    Marie Ann

  4. Hi Marie Ann , that sounds great thanks so much for helping out.You can go to the bloggers-unite site i think it is on my blog .if not I will tr to get it there? and add your blog as a team member if you like . I am not requiring people to sign up at the main sites if they do not want ,I am just glad if I get cards to deliver!I am going to start a blog and just keep updating it as the cards come in with pics towards the end and then do a blog when finished too. Thanks again for helping!


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