Saturday, February 6, 2010

UP-Cycling With flowers for Swap-bot and friends

Hi all , Here are a few pics of some things I have been playing with.
I love to Up-cycle ,
this is taking something and recreating it into something else or fix up & reuse.
The frame of the last big leaf pic I did , came from the Recycling center (aka dump)
the print is on the back of my pic, LOL . 
I found a full size paper cutter last year!!! Anyway ...

#1 the confetti magnet , much prettier in person. Is a lid from the icing cup in the canned Cinnamon buns . I used a pink marker to highlight it. then used botanical glue to add and seal petal confetti from a card sadly "picked on by the PO" from a friend!! then a simple quote for the occasion " live it up"! lightly coat again with B -glue . then add magnet on the back! done :o)

#2 first one " I love flowers magnet " is a smaller lid , gold pen on back ground , lacy sticker, laminated flowers and a punched out heart. magnet on back!
second in pic .laminated cut out from 4 years ago with tiny flowers . magnet on back.

#3 .laminated and cut out azalea with gold ribbon .easy  other was sticker ribbon and hole punched hearts!


#4 & 5 are of an ATC  " artist trading card " it is a mixed media thing but a GOOD way to pass the word about Pressed Flowers too!
This is my first ATC I thought I was through with it then decided to add one more trick to it! i started to use sanwa but was too cheap (this is a swap not sale) so I used stretched out used dryer sheet instead.
hope you like them . I will be adding these and more to my blog hope fully today.
Still have to make a Heart ribbon bookmark , made one but it isn't heartsy !
Off to the PO ,will check in later and let you know about the blog!
Happy creating all!

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