Friday, April 30, 2010

girls & forget-me nots ATC

 'Here is the plan , We give her the flowers then we tell what happened .'
that is the first thing I thought of when i saw this picture.
Here is an ATC , (Artist trading card ) I made for a friend .
I will give her name later ,  if she gives me permission !? She did say I could use the picture!
This one I made for the girl on the right ! Now woman ! I hope she likes it.

We were  doing Pressed flower ATC's for April group project at
below are some of My Newest ATC's , click any and they will give a bigger picture.
for more pics and information on them Please go to

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  1. >>cute gift Terica!!!! :) what a nice idea! >>laura

  2. This is really a beautiful and uplifting site. Everything is so well done. I love it.
    Love Mom

  3. Terry (Teresa) SeedSunday, May 02, 2010

    LOvely Terica, must try some of these ATC cards.

  4. Thanks Mom. I do have fun with it.still learning all the time.

    Terry thanks for stopping by the ATC's are fun

  5. great blog, great art, great ideas, lots of inspiration :-)


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