Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Cards for Cancer Update

My pictures just don't do Justice to the wonderful cards below. 
Hi everyone , I am so SO Sorry it has taken me So long to get this new blog posted.I will be delivering the cards on Monday the 12th instead of today. It was easier for all involved to do it this way!! 
I have spoken to Linda Bowles from the UNC Oncology Clinic and she told me they have nearly 200 people In patient through there a Week!! As of now I have 153 cards ready !
I am going to Try to make they other 47 cards and or Bookmarks by Monday .
As you can see by the pictures I have been busy though. Every card had to be read and checked . 
   Unfortunately I am not the best at I did not give the best of instructions? 
As the kids say"MY BAD"
So I had a lot of extra work to do ! (Not the senders fault IT was my fault for not giving clearer instructions !?)
1.It was asked that each card had "" on all the cards .(This is so the patients that need further help knows where to go! ) ( so I had to make sure all did have it!)
2. they were to have a personal message in all , (So I had to fill in a lot of Beautiful empty cards that were sent) I hope I did them justice! I used one of my poems  on some and the wonderful "Don't Quit " poem by Jill Wolf  in most ! 
here is my poem ...
"Flowers may fade with sunshine and time,
Our memories stay Fresh with Love as the seal!
May You be Blessed with many of both in the days ahead!"
I have sent Emails to all Thanking them as they came in . I Hope they all got the email?
I will be posting this to Facebook ,WWPFG, Bloggers-Unite , WUAH, ,Cards For , and more places as I think of it . Please let tell your friends to come and see the pictures too .BTW there are more great pictures on the last blog too if You missed it.
Again Thanks to Everyone involved and God Bless!

Now for the show ...
These first three pics here are from Crystal and Friends in Seattle ,WA.
I think She is from . Crystal if You read  this PLEASE leave a comment on How to reach You?? Thanks !
These next 2 pictures are of  more cards from Rebekah Smith from Bear Creek, NC . 
She is the Pres.of and has a sweet website at Please click the pic from the inside of the cards they are so sweet! 

I think these are adorable !These cards were sent by Laura Kinney from G'ville.Fla !

These Next 2 pictures are the very  cute Pressed Flower bookmark cards made and sent by 
Marie Ann Robinson of Wallace ,SD. She is the PR Director at WWPFG .
She wrote sweet messages in all of them too!

these next ones are from Donita Willeford from Tahoe City,CA !Also a WWPFG member.
All the first 5 pics are of cards with Real Pressed Dogwood Flowers and homemade paper
 These were also made by Donita ,beautiful prints on handwritten cards!
 These were sent to me from another Sweet member of WWPFG ,
Vasantha Mukthaveram from India. She told me that she does not alter here leaves or flowers in her works ! She only designs as the plant foliage shows her it should be.
I was not able to send the originals since they are not sealed , so I made copies of these and the sweet quotes on the back side and printed 2 cards to send .the pics are sadly faded .but you get the idea of what i did below
Next are some bookmarks I made for the Staff at UNC Oncology Clinic ! With , on all so they will be able to help get more cards coming to those who need help! I hope to make more by Monday .
 Sadly these were sent blank too and I have not been able to get these ready yet!?These were sent by a member of .J. Arneson of Crivitz,WI.
Hopefully i can finish them by Monday also. If not,I will finish them and  I will send them later with other late arrivals!! 
this postcard was sent by Lady Fee also a member of 

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Thanks for dropping By and come again soon I will be finalizing this ,after Monday!


  1. Terica!!!! what a wonderful...awesome job you have done!! what a wonderful and awesome person you are!! such beautiful hand-made cards you have collected!!
    you will truly make so many deserving people VERY HAPPY!!!! Thank you for taking this project on!! peace & love, laura (kinney)

  2. hooray!:-) did a grand job collecting and making all these cards!:-)...think how many smiles and what good energy you have spread all over the planet!:-)

    thank you!:-)


  3. Thanks Ladies , i could not have done it with out You!I have enjoyed smiling at them myself!
    Peace and Hugs!


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