Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ginger has a Favorite spot at Lowes plus a Variegated Hydrangea

Do all dogs go for this spot ? She will wait till we get to this spot and see if a male or female has been there last before she decides to raise her leg or not! :o) she cracks people up too.

Variegated Hydrangea
this is a Variegated Hydrangea I found at Lowes Garden area and thought too long , they went out of there like free ones. they were gone in a couple days *_*
Next time I won't wait...
Variegated Hydrangea close up

Sorry the flower is not clearer , I was using my cell and the flower was just so white.

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  1. Love this variegated hydrangea! And Ginger is a 'hoot'!


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