Sunday, October 31, 2010

thought I'd flash you ...

I want PEACE

thought I'd flash you with some Peace filled images.


As always wishing you Peace
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

getting ready for Peace GlobeBlogblast

 I was proud to be caught trying to spread Peace . They gave me a badge for it . 

Just 5 more days till 100's of folks start turning their blogs and Facebook full of Peace globes .

BlogBlast For Peace ~ Dona Nobis Pacem

Bloggers will unite in a global cry for peace in this annual event. One day. One voice. All it takes is one post. Won't you join us?
BlogBlast For Peace is an online community of international bloggers who "blog for peace". The first BlogBlast For Peace was held November 7, 2006. The peace globe posts spread from blog to blog to blog and became an online annual movement with thousands now participating. There are currently 50 countries involved in the project. People from all walks of life, all political and religious affiliations and beliefs lay aside their differences for one day.
It is inspirational. It is empowering. It is moving.
With respect for diversity and individual expression, peace bloggers embrace the essence of community. It has truly become a "revolution of words."

Dona nobis pacem - Latin for "grant us peace" - is displayed on peace globes available on the event coordinator's blog. Bloggers from all over the world write inspiring posts on the subject of peace, all titled with the Latin phrase, and display the globe graphic. BlogBlast For Peace is a way to get involved, a way to have a voice, an opportunity to speak out. If you would like to share in the vision for global peace, please join us. Fly a peace globe, write a post, learn about your neighbor across the continent, on the other side of the world, or even next door. Around a global table of peacemakers....anything is possible.

Thirty-three official wars and conflicts plague our planet. It is time we stand together to promote the cause of peace. On November 4, 2010 we will speak with one voice, one subject, one day.
All it takes is one post.

If words are powerful....then this matters.
Please don't miss it.
Get Your Peace Globe HERE

How about some Peace inspired jewelry

Headed to find some other nice things to get into ...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stevie Wonder - Come Back As A Flower

This is from my favorite album of Stevie Wonder and probably the least known of .I so wish I could have this whole album playing on here as folks looked though my blog...

 I have always favored the small thorny carpet rose , hot pink.
It looks pretty but folks know not to mess with it. :>)

So What kind of Flower would You want to be ?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogblast for Peace "Dona Nobis Pacem"

 Blogblast for Peace  "Dona Nobis Pacem " is coming up on the 7th year . 
Let's make this the Lucky 7. If you don't have a blog , You can still help spread the word of Peace. 
You can add a Globe to Your profile on Facebook or just hit share on every globe you see. 
Below is Mimi's website address , you can find all the information there.
She is the creator of this cool event. 
On her blog she says,"Let our words start the flood of permanent peace."
"If we believe that words are powerful.....then this matters."

These were put together very well , I hope they touch Your heart as it has mine. Please share with others too. Peace

Last year hundreds of bloggers from 50 different countries took part Blogblast for Peace. ~~~~~~~~~~
There still is time to join us. :-) Get your Peace Globe templates for 2010 here:

this video was made by Crow's Feet
She wrote : All good mothers understand that children need to claim responsibility for their own actions in order to grow up to be responsible adults. Good mothers know that pointing a finger and saying, “It’s their fault” or “He/She made me do it” never solves anything. Good mothers teach their children concepts like sharing, being considerate of others and good manners. What a different world this would be if countries acted more like mothers and less like global powers.

Peace alludes us when we chase after it because it never was out “there”. Just as creation of life starts within, the responsibility of creating Peace starts within each and every one of us.

Then there is this cool one i found from last year too.

Well I will leave You with these and a wish for Peace in Your life.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My visit with Brad Lee

We went for a visit with my youngest son  to have dinner. He and his sweetheart live in the country next to a farm. Her son (their son)  :>) Brad Lee is 2 years old and a barrel of fun and love .He has brought much joy to my heart .
Here is a slideshow I put together of our adventures in the backyard. We found a Eastern Box turtle.
I found out they are the only ground turtle here in North Carolina . here is where you can find out more too.
I hope you enjoy a G-mom's bragging of her G-son as much as I enjoyed it.

If you will click the > it will start ,then click the last button to the right (looks like crossed arrows)
It will open it full screen with captions .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Dona Nobis Pacem" Nov 4th 2010 BlogBlast for Peace

Hello everyone I just found out about this cool Blogblast Event "Dona Nobis Pacem" , Latin for 'Grant Us Peace' ! 
Well if you read my blog You know I am always trying to promote  Peace.
I am writing this post to give you a link to the Blog promoting this event. We have 14 days left. That should be plenty of time to write a blog. She has a beautiful collection of globe pics to add to your blog that for that day.
You can also find it on facebook causes and twitter too. 
here's the FB link BlogBlast for Peace 
If you are a member of Bloggers Unite .please sign in here .
BlogBlast For Peace ~ Dona Nobis Pacem // Bloggers Unite

 Okay now go get started spreading some Peace . Tell Your friends about it as I have done. Please just click share to this link or on facebook. She has 1107 signed in on FB by the time I posted this let's help get it to 1500 by Nov.

 Wishing You Peace and Happiness

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap

Hello Everyone from Swapbot  I am glad you dropped by to follow my blog. 
For all of You that don't know about Swapbot , it is a site put together by a sweet couple for people to swap crafts ,emails, art, and much more . I have had lots of fun there trading things like ATC's  and homemade cards and lots of my pressed flowers too.
here is some of the things I have sent all over the world through Swapbot. If you have any questions about swapbot feel free to ask me here. 
till next time peace and happy creating.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flowers are like Smiles

Flowers are like Smiles they are universal and will bring a good feeling to those giving and receiving . Seeing them always makes me feel better . No matter my mood.
this pretty fairy is Violet .
My baby boy Billy and his family . Stormy and son Brad Lee.
seldom seen a photo of me , I tend to be the 1 with the camera , plus my dog Ginger.

Kids at an Pressed Flower Class i helped teach.

more proud artist.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.
Mother Teresa 

Please leave a comment if these made You smile!
Also please hit the share button and give someone else a smile.