Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogblast for Peace "Dona Nobis Pacem"

 Blogblast for Peace  "Dona Nobis Pacem " is coming up on the 7th year . 
Let's make this the Lucky 7. If you don't have a blog , You can still help spread the word of Peace. 
You can add a Globe to Your profile on Facebook or just hit share on every globe you see. 
Below is Mimi's website address , you can find all the information there.
She is the creator of this cool event. 
On her blog she says,"Let our words start the flood of permanent peace."
"If we believe that words are powerful.....then this matters."

These were put together very well , I hope they touch Your heart as it has mine. Please share with others too. Peace

Last year hundreds of bloggers from 50 different countries took part Blogblast for Peace. ~~~~~~~~~~
There still is time to join us. :-) Get your Peace Globe templates for 2010 here:

this video was made by Crow's Feet
She wrote : All good mothers understand that children need to claim responsibility for their own actions in order to grow up to be responsible adults. Good mothers know that pointing a finger and saying, “It’s their fault” or “He/She made me do it” never solves anything. Good mothers teach their children concepts like sharing, being considerate of others and good manners. What a different world this would be if countries acted more like mothers and less like global powers.

Peace alludes us when we chase after it because it never was out “there”. Just as creation of life starts within, the responsibility of creating Peace starts within each and every one of us.

Then there is this cool one i found from last year too.

Well I will leave You with these and a wish for Peace in Your life.

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  1. Will be posting a link on Monday. I was writing about Peace rose when I found your post. I always skim the new bloggers at Blotanical. Welcome!


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