Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap

Hello Everyone from Swapbot  I am glad you dropped by to follow my blog. 
For all of You that don't know about Swapbot , it is a site put together by a sweet couple for people to swap crafts ,emails, art, and much more . I have had lots of fun there trading things like ATC's  and homemade cards and lots of my pressed flowers too.
here is some of the things I have sent all over the world through Swapbot. If you have any questions about swapbot feel free to ask me here. 
till next time peace and happy creating.


  1. What a great blog! I can almost smell all the lovely flowers! You do some amazing things with flowers! I would never have thought of making a fairy out of flowers.. Wow! alot of great crafting ideas and the how to's are something Ill have to try also!

  2. Its Kiwivandal from swap-bot! Thanks for joining my swap, My google ID is Meep. When you check your followers that's me!

    I love the butterfly pictures they are so great!

  3. wow.. who knew you could do so much with flowers! your work is beautiful.. i love the translater.. going to try it.. hugs laura/funkylukecosmicart

  4. The flowers are beautiful!

    Blogger Follower Swap-icalea

  5. Beautiful pictures and great info. Really enjoyed the little drive-in movie of your work.


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