Saturday, October 23, 2010

My visit with Brad Lee

We went for a visit with my youngest son  to have dinner. He and his sweetheart live in the country next to a farm. Her son (their son)  :>) Brad Lee is 2 years old and a barrel of fun and love .He has brought much joy to my heart .
Here is a slideshow I put together of our adventures in the backyard. We found a Eastern Box turtle.
I found out they are the only ground turtle here in North Carolina . here is where you can find out more too.
I hope you enjoy a G-mom's bragging of her G-son as much as I enjoyed it.

If you will click the > it will start ,then click the last button to the right (looks like crossed arrows)
It will open it full screen with captions .


  1. great pictures!! (you're SUPPOSED to brag!!) looks like a great time for all!! i love turtles!! box turtles are a rare treat to find...see!! and is that a ball python??

  2. Thanks Laura , He is a sweetie!


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