Saturday, September 17, 2011

My tribute to Mother Earth

 My tribute to Mother Earth 
I started this after being invited by a fellow Peace blogger ,  to an event on facebook .
All Hands Healing For Mother Earth
After signing up i decide I would write a blog here since I have been neglecting this blog to do my Peace blog . 
I try not to neglect Mother Earth ...

Dear Mother Earth ,
Do not die!! Do not leave us!!
You provided us everything we require to live. 
You cared us by bearing us on your lap!
You loved us so much!

But, we were not happy. We were greedy and wanted more and more comforts.
We excavated you in search of gold and other metals.
You patiently bore the pain and gave us the treasure!

We dug you for constructing our comfortable houses and even sky-scrappers. Still you patiently bore the pain and ensured that we live happily and comfortably in all that we created.
When we were thirsty, you gave us water. When we were hungry, you gave us food.
We were not happy. We wanted an enhanced comfort and wanted water to come directly to our residence. So we drilled your heart with our deep bore-well equipments. You cried in pain, shed blood. We drank it in the form of water.
We wanted still more comfort. We wanted furniture. 

We looted your treasures by cutting trees and hunting animals for their skin. You were still patient and forgave us.

 Hopefully you might have thought that we are all your children and we are the rightful heirs for your treasure.
Were we satisfied? No!  We wanted still more comforts. We invented and manufactured vehicles for our movement. The metallic parts were manufactured from your bones. The fuel used was obtained by refining your blood. 

Oh! Mother! How patient you were, You still forgave us!
We made you to suffocate by our industrial gases and made your skin burn with our highly scientific chemical wastes. You still loved us and didn’t intent any harm to us.
But now….
Mother! You started losing your patience!
It is not that you stopped loving us. But in ignorance and greediness for enhanced comforts we stabbed you to death. We know you still love us.. Mother! But you lost your energy!! You are dying!!!

Mother please do not leave us!! We have nowhere else to go!! Give us a chance to make amendments!! Give us a chance to correct ourselves!!
Please do not go!! We will save you mother!!
We will be responsible hereafter!!
We will give you medication!!!
We will shower you back with love so that all your wounds heal!!

Forgive us for our sins this time also as you were doing all these years!!!
Our eyes are opened now!! We want you mother!!! We will not let you die!!!
This time we will correct ourselves and make you proud of your children!!
Mother!!! Please give us one more chance to save you and save us. 

We promise Mother!!! We will save you!!!
---- Your ever-loving children

 I found this online ,lost where?

 Oh Mother Earth – please teach us
Knowledge is power and awareness is the key

E = Every day Earth Day
A = Attune to nature
R = Respect the environment
T = Teach others the 3 R’s
H = Help us change our ways
Recycle, reduce, reuse.
Every child should know this
Everyone needs to do it – Not just on Earth Day but
Now, tomorrow and in the days to come before we destroy
The only home that we all share. 
Thank you Mother Earth.

Sadly when I searched on Google for "raping mother earth
1 140 000 results were available . "
Make it a goal to change 1 habit that would help Mother Earth .
Then do it !  She will appreciate it !
 Want to support her cause on your blog ? Come by

Peace and Blessings be upon you all. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am blessed

We got rain yesterday and today again for this I feel blessed . 
We have been having a heatwave here and very little showers .
It is taking me 3 hours to water everything enough to keep it all living without rain !  

 We also keep the birds water and food too since lots of their regular grasses and seedy things aren't doing well in this heat either .  So to have this rain was a great blessing indeed.
this hummingbird moth visits at watering time often
 I had a double blessing today when my best of best friends Rebekah and her hubby came by for a short visit . She came to trade some quick ideas for pressed flower art and brought some goodies for me to experiment when ever I get back to creating... I in turn was sending her home with other things I have been collecting for her . Plus some plants of course , I plant too many of everything and love sharing and trading! 
Another way we like to Up-cycle :>)

 She brought home some cardinal vines and hummingbird vines. 2 sunflowers and a pecan tree .

But the Highlight today was sharing with her a secret gift I asked a dear young artist friend of ours to make for Her and I. 
             The Horse is for Rebekah and the doll is for me !

The moment Rebekah saw the horse she said (after squealing as i did )   "it looked just like our horse Scout and showed it to her hubby who wondered if Sarah had saw a picture of their horse ? " 
I think my doll looks like Sarah the artist . She and her family  are so wonderfully special . Her family has a blog which tells of all their wonderful talents.

 So meet Sarah and Scout! click to see it bigger .
Sarah has her own blog which is a Must See . This young lady not only makes these wonderful corn-husk creations ,she is a great Multi-media / Pressed Flower Artist . She is  the youngest member at WWPFG but not nearly the greenest in the bouquet of the Art of pressing . 
She has award winning Heirloom talent! go check her out !

Get great info here on

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Copper changed my life !

hi all ,  I know this is Off Topic, but I believe I could not do this art without copper !
Here is a link to some pretty copper bracelets.[0]=tags&search_query=twisted+copper+bangle&ref=related&page=1

 I love the Real copper . No matter the style it has to have the real copper in it. 
It is important for it not to be heavy for your wrist too!
I wear the twisted metal with brass, copper and silver sometimes .
I also wear magnets when I need a little extra ... boost .

Personally I totally know/believe copper works for Me. Now whether it works for everyone I don't know .
Here is the facts I know 1st hand ... 21 years ago I got carpal tunnel while pregnant . I was told 75% get rid of it after the child is born. I did not , my hand and wrist  hurt 24/7 .  (I am left handed) I could not grip anything with my left hand without using my right .  Even writing I had to use the fattest pen I could find . Then when I did get my hand closed, my middle finger Did not close, talk about embarrassing moments !
 18 months or so later , I was told I would be needing surgery as soon as my son could get in the car by himself . Because I could not lift him after the surgery !? ,lol that seems odd to think of now.
Anyway I was told by the doc that the surgery had a 75% of making it  better? Hum ?  Those odds were not too good before... I was taking all kinds of pills from the doctor .Then she put me wearing braces on my wrist... I was an Avon lady, lol, I learned a lot of scary stats on that surgery !!
Everything I did cause me pain , it was near chronic... just waiting for the day to come it would stop? 
Well while listening to an elderly Man tell me a story out at the well house, while he fixed our pump!
I nervously twisted a piece of wire into a braided copper bracelet from a tag affixed to our new well pump!
 I put the bracelet , as I did I remember my Grandmother wearing a copper bracelet. Come to think of it She always wore it ? No matter what else she had on ? Well about 2 days after I put it on I went to grab a soda can and my middle finger closed! This was the 1st time without real pain in 2 years. i found another piece of wire and put it on my right arm that hurt but not as severe as the left had.
 I went back to the doctor about a month later and She was amazed.She told many of her arthritis patients it could help. Medically she could not say it Would help. About a year after that I took a job as a custodian at an Elementary school for over 10 years. Hardly ever taking my copper off more than a day or 2 without noticing a difference ! 
Now I garden and do yard work for others ! 

Here is some interesting info I found on using copper ...
"Though the usage of copper bracelets to treat arthritis is considered an alternative, unproven treatment, a 2002 Mayo Clinic study showed that in three quarters of the people studied, copper bracelets were effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain which is as effective as the standard drugs used to treat arthritis pain. The only side-effect that has been found to be even slightly unpleasant in this treatment is a discoloration of the skin with which the copper is in contact. The skin in these areas often becomes tinged green. Though the green stain is somewhat difficult to wash off, it is not permanent or harmful."If you’re considering wearing magnetic bracelets to test the idea of magnetic therapy, here are five points to keep in mind:

•Trying something is better than trying nothing.

•Trying something inexpensive is better than investing in a costly remedy that may not work for you.

•Trying something natural and noninvasive is preferable to beginning a new medication.

•It is easier to tell if a natural therapy is helping if you are not taking any pain medication that might interfere with the results.

•Trying something and finding that it works for you is extremely valuable even if you are unable to find documentation to support your results.

If you’re suffering from the pain of arthritis, you might as well test magnetic therapy. It can’t hurt, and it might really help.

And that’s what matters.

here is a even more in depth info on the subject

We were helping a neighbor in her garden and she found this little guy and was going to kill it so I brought it to our land as I was taking this picture the snake below was coming out to get some sun .

my Grandchildren are another Big reason I need good use of my hands !

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many Sunflowers

This is a picture I did at picnik on Picasa from the picture below 

 We buy the black sunflower seeds for the birds . We had bought bags from different places never thinking about the variety of seed just price. Buying an average of 20 pounds a month in the winter and every other month the rest of the time. 
Well we did some leveling and landscaping and moved a lot of dirt around spread grass seed and watered . Sadly no rain came for nearly a month I had to water everyday and did not dare mow other areas for fear of killing what was there. 
Then came the sunflower plants Everywhere. We decided to leave some for color and fun . They have been great , lots of variety and sizes and the goldfinch love them too.

This is how a fresh sunflower looks before a presser comes around

this is after a presser gets it !

these are some my neighbor grew in her garden last year

The petals press great !  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


this is something I put together on Picnik

These flowers had the droops when I brought them home from a friend's yard but added warm water and a pinch of sugar and look at them now ! 

Mrs. Flora's

These next 2 are from my neighbors front yard near a magnolia tree . They said it started out pink years ago.

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I am going to post a  How to Press these on my other blog  come by and check it out .