Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Papers and Art Supplies

Wow I  thought I posted this information weeks ago? 

Come to think of it , I think I went to these links and got lost till bedtime?!

When I went shopping for frames to make a Long story short I realized I am an Up-cycle person ! I really like finding a frame for a 1/3 the price or better at thrift stores and yard sales and giving life back to them.

 I spent over an hour looking at frames at AC moores because i could not find Michael's :>{ that day, with coupon in hand !!

They had lots of frames and mats but the prices where so high and nothing said ' It was the right one for the price ! .'

I did buy one 16 x 20 (I think) nice frame with a mat at 1/2 price , and one of those 8x10 metal professional frames for too much.. 

I did find some 'outdoor mod podge ' I have been wanting to try too ! Now I just have to wait for warmer weather for that project!

Not impressed with my visit there I went to a Thrift store on the way back . I found a painting from Bermuda , framed professional, 12x16  black metal ,with a gorgeous mat for a 9x12 which was the size and color I needed in the first place LAAA I am happy !!!

Before we went to AC moores in the big city which 50 +miles from our country hometown. We stopped in my favorite city/town in North Carolina and maybe the USA!  Carrboro, where artist, hippies, yippies and earth friendly folks out number the rest !
Where Vintage and recycling has always been a normal thing not a fad.  it is side by side to UNC Chapel Hill yet world apart!
I found an art studio supply store there that has been around for ever and they had drawers and drawers full of imported pretty papers ! 

2 whites ,1 giant poster , one bleached recycled !

this is light blue rice sanwa type paper

 click this pictures to get a closer look.
natural banana !

2 cool deep greens

this picture does not do this marbled paper justice
I was so thrilled no crowds , no isles and isles of other stuff .
 Just basic supplies and those fabulous papers. I have spent hours looking at these kind of papers on line but always unsure of what i would get. I felt like a child in a candy store!    

Studio Supply has been serving artists and students in Chapel Hill and the Triangle for over 15 years. They are a local source for all fine art materials, from painting and drawing, to drafting, textile, and graphic arts supplies.

they sell papers found at this link and others has lots of cool stuff too.

They also had these pastels for sell , has anyone tried this brand?

Schmincke Pastels

Schminke soft pastels contain finest artists' pigments in highest concentration using a minimum of binders. The extreme softness and colour strength of Schmincke pastels demand a very traditional and costly forming process as well as labeling by hand.The colour range includes now 298 tones, that means 54 full tones, one mixture with black and three with white respectively 10 mixtures with white and neutral grey, in addition gold and silver as well as 13 extra colour-strength dark tones.

I will add these links to my resource page at 
Making Pressed Flower art and crafts


  1. beautiful paper!! would certainly be a nice addition to any of your artwork!! i can get lost in art stores.... :]laura

  2. Be careful, collecting beautiful Handmade/art papers can be addictive! (Ask me how I know). Your art supply store sounds a lot like the local retail Dick Blick store I loved to browse before they closed it a couple of years ago.
    I really need to start using more of my paper collection instead of hoarding it. Lynn

  3. We used to have a local stationer that carried papers like (I still have the "natural banana," love it.) Thanks for the link!


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