Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is my new G-son

Prayers needed .
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Dear Friends , Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes !
Life is a trip and I have been on an adventure.
approx. 10:45pm Feb 18th Benjamin Cooper was born ,7 lb 4 oz .
Her doctor gave Feb14th as due date? So put her in the hospital on 16th to induce.
Mind you, she had no complications to this point !! .
After 2 days of Doctors poking at him and Mom. Using all kind of inducing meds to try to make him come into this Crazy world.
Nothing happened but made Mom and baby Very uncomfortable , so they did a C-section on Mom.
Around midnight Dad calls to tell me , Ben and Mom are fine . Ben is being given oxygen but They say that is normal.
Feb 19th I wake from sleeping late , slept well after hearing the last news .
One minute I am getting ready to go to the hospital to visit my new grandson and Mom.
Plans of stopping by to get Flowers and balloons on the way flicking through my mind , as I prepare to put carseat and other items for him in the car.
Next minute the phone rings ! It is my youngest son's g-friend, calls to tell the latest news . She knew my plans of going to visit.
Early the 19th morning Benjamin was rushed to the NICU of another hospital for help. there was no clear story of what was going on ?
I was about to freak out!
Dad rushed to be with baby and Mom still at other hospital!
Well I grabbed a few needed thing ,downloaded address of hospital and went to see 'What the Heck is going on'?
Turns out Ben was 4 weeks premature ?? His lungs still need to develop ? 1st hospital tried to tell parents different but I found out from NICU !!
I stayed with Ben while Dad went back to report to Mom and get some much needed rest. I can tell he is a fighter and had the loudest cry in the room to prove it.
I was there from 11 am till 9:30 pm with him and hated to leave .
But assured "He was in Good hands now and will call if any changes.
I called this morning to check on Ben and he is doing better they have removed the air tube to nose and now has a tent !
I have to say I was very impressed with the care he is getting in this NICU .
The people there seem to not only Know what they are doing,  they are compassionate and caring for the baby and family.
Well we never know what can happen from one day to the next ? Life !
Mom was released today and will get to be with Ben.

I will keep you updated !
Please pray for these young parents and Ben .
Thanks (smile)
Peace and Love, Terica


  1. Oh my word Terica---that is just nuts that they delivered him early. I am glad he is doing well. Mom and Dad must have been livid.

  2. i agree with Anna...why did they deliver? sending healing thoughts...your way....

  3. Thanks to everyone , Praise God he went home today !


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