Thursday, March 10, 2011

I made the International Philadelphia Flower Show Competition !

Well I did not make it to the flower show in Philadelphia but my work did! 
The Wall of  International Philadelphia Flower Show Competition
 I found this picture on
It has been a while since I have had any real creative mojo going on other than little projects for almost a year. 
I have pressed enough for me and many more yet created very little?
I have had some luck starting a blog honoring  
World Wide Pressers and Artist.
I am very proud of how well it it going , a new interview every week with a variety of artist.
As a lot of You know I belong to the wonderful Guild at
 World Wide Pressed Flower Guild .org 
Well some of us there started talking about the Philly Flower Show back in Oct or Nov . Who was going , who was entering etc.
Well one thing lead to another and I thought what better way to make myself get serious again about this art than to actually sign up for competition . I knew the spaces where limited so I decided to sign up for 2 hoping I may get 1 open spot since I signed up just days before deadline. 
Well I got both spots so I went for it ! Due in 2 months !!
The theme was "Spring in Paris " , and each class of pictures had a theme to go with it . 
The first one I did was called "LES FLEURS
 Create a scene containing a vase filled with flowers. A minimum of five different types of flowers must be incorporated into the art. Open only to exhibitors who have not won a blue ribbon in the Pressed Plant Classes of the Philadelphia International Flower Show prior to 2011.   
   Sounded easy enough till I got reading all the rules and realized I had a lot of flowers that may not pass ? 

I decided my goal this time was not to stress on competing with the others but to focus on making a piece worthy of competition !  I knew I could finally say I had entered and made it to the wall of the  International Philadelphia Flower Show !  
Well here is what I came up with ! You can click any of these pictures to make them bigger.
I can honestly say this is prettier in person 
The white dusty miller came from a Presser in Canada named Dee.  The table cloth was made from purple basil .
Everything else was pressed by me from our yard. 

Then for the second picture class was " Vin" 
Create a scene of with Wine as the main subject , vineyards or anything to do with wine! 
 This was fun and hard too. 

This is a close up so you can see the corkscrew and cork I made to fill space on the table, instead of a glass. I knew I should have taken that class at WWPFG 
Rose in a Glass
Creating a realistic transparent glass, a rose using birch bark, and lacy elements.
Instructor: Irina Orlova , I will order it soon at

To see some the rules and a lot of the pics from the Philly Show,
You can visit Kate's blog ,she posted 4 blogs on this !!
at Kate's Pressed Flower Art 
also go by Micki's blog at to see more too. 
Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what You think?
Peace and Happy pressing! 

here is the link to PFS rules too , tough job for the judges

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  1. Hello Terica,

    I love your work, it's so unique!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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