Monday, April 18, 2011

Sanford NC Tornado April 16th 2011

We were at home when the tornado roared by a 1/4 mile or less from us. My mother had came for a visit from Greensboro to get a little R&R of the hustle and bustle of the big city. She lives in a 15 story high-rise ,with 100's of people there in 1 building. Plus there are Train tracks maybe a city block away .She lives on the upper level and as most knows sound travel up . I can call her and hardly hear her when the trains blow and there are lots. 
Anyway she got here Friday ,so Saturday morning  We had planned to go to a street fair or festival but decided not after looking at the weather report.
2PM we were bored stiff not hardly any rain and a few windy spells.
I was considering going to check out a couple of Thrift stores. But then Carl called me in to watch a report on the storm.
around 2:30ish , We had been listening to reports and heard of something coming this way after hitting Carthage NC. 
3:10 Carl hears a strange noise out our bedroom window . the lights went out about 3:15 , land phone too. The cells would not go through either the calls would drop mid call.
In about 10 minutes  the sky got dark and then just cleared up . It was so weird ! So we waited at first to call to report the electric as usual and walked around the yard checking for dropped sticks from our old oaks .
At first we actually just laid down to rest a moment . I had told Mom we had not ever had the lights off for more than a couple of hours ! 
I went and found a battery radio and looked for a supply of candles , Just in case. We have gas to cook with so we felt set.
We could not find anything on the radio ? still did not realize what had happened when our neighbors came to tell us the news about an hour later . First report our Lowes Hardware was GONE.
Around an hour later I got these shots of SKY 5 from Raleigh.

these were taken on April 16th right after the tornado .

I was sitting on a chair using my knees for a tri-pod at 80 zoom to get this.
 They were over Industrial Drive then .
I believe this was Mr Cagle the owner of the "Cagle's furniture store" that has been here forever and is now GONE.

April 17th , I am still really in shock over all this .We decided with no word of power 
coming soon , No way to take showers or charge her phone?
I asked if she wanted to go home now instead of Monday .
No one could get through Sanford and they had us rerouted all the way to Hell.
I can normally get to Greensboro in an hour it took almost 3 . 
Plus the car started overheating just before Greensboro , I put fluid in but it still
started again once I got into the line of traffic.
I got back into Sanford and got all the way down to Industrial drive. maybe a half mile from
the house. The car was over heating I had aready seriously begged 3 cops to let me get that far
(3 blocks) then the last spot had 4 cops standing there . I jump out with ID in hand begging them 
"please let me through my car in over heating , 
I have been driving for 5 hours now that should have been 2. 
being rerouted and stuck behind all kind of Spec-takers . 
I only live a 1/2 mile from here , Please let me through."
He tells me there on Industrial , "Well if you'd been here 5 minutes ago you could have 
went through!" 
At the same time I am watching 2 cars drive through from there? 
I had shown him my ID and showed him the steam Now coming from my car.
He told me everyone has to go .... Grinning he then says You should have been here sooner. 
I lost it.
I went to my car , drove straight over to the nearest parking lot , grabbed my keys ,
locked the door . As I am standing there I am feeling the rage boiling in me .
I walked up towards the corner . Everywhere I looked there were folks just walking
around looking . 
Folks smiling with OH and Aw 's taking pictures. 
Just as I saw one woman hanging out her window smiling from ear to ear, 
as her driver holds up traffic for her shot .
Then I heard her say ,"Check that out!" ,still smiling. I lost it !
I was ranting like a "street corner shouter" 
" You spec-takers are the reason folks that Need to be home cant get there"
I headed up the road hearing the officer telling someone behind me "she lives up that way. "

I kept walking then a car passed me . At the same time I hear the officer say
If you have ID you can go through. I turned around pure crazed , shouting now ! " 
I had ID , He shouted back , I said if he had ID he could Walk too! "
I kept walking as I topped the hill I saw the road was clear!! 
I turn again and yell like a fool , "You could drive 2 Mack trucks through here side by side ,
But I can't drive home??" 
They let another car through as I screamed this . 
As I recognized this man I realized he is Mr. Cagle , the local Furniture man here.  
He owned a building there on the road since I came to Sanford over 30 years ago . 
It was gone. 

This was a church , there was a drum set still sitting in the middle and 
roles of chairs still sitting in place !

This Hispanic Church was gone, a Garage  , 2 factories Gone. 
Looks like a park near by got damage too . It was so mind-blowing at first I just froze. 
Then I couldn't stop walking and looking.
these pictures I took as I walked . I could not stop though because I felt my knees wanting to just drop.
I did not take many shots for being in shock.
I had called  our neighbor to go tell Carl what was happening while I was still at the car . 
He had walked on down as we talked ,then I told Carl via Tom's cell I was leaving the car and 
walking home.  They met me on the other side. About 2 hours later we went back through and they 
had the road open to traffic. We got the car and brought it home. Not sure if It is blown or not and
really Don't want to know yet?
That was about 6 pm , We ate and tried later to see if the internet was up. 
Yep , internet but the land-line phone was not. Well as soon as I looked for pictures I was blown
away. It only took a few to make me stop and get away from this computer for the evening.
These are my neighbors and towns people.
It all really hit me at once .  I felt like a giant bruise . So many feelings ,so many images
running in my head.
As Carl said , "we wasn't hit , but we are still feeling the impact" .  
Today I am trying to add my thoughts here and some info I found.
Our neighbor just came over driving around on one of those gator-tractors .
LOL one minute I am walking around grumbling about him riding around through our yard . 
Getting dressed so I can check if his cows were in my stuff ?
Then He stops and said about 10 of the cows are missing!
Yep the same ones I take pictures of all the time.

we took a walk on the backside later to help him look . 
We gave him both our numbers here so he could just call us to see if the cows were
here or up at Flora's to save him a trip. Yep we are softies !
I needed the walk to clear my head. his cows were back this afternoon!
If You click the pictures they should get bigger.

I heard Mr Cagle was in there when it happened, 
Thank God he is okay ! Can you imagine being in there ?

this was a factory

there is a park that way and a church

 Our Lowes Hardware got demolished .

Go here for a slide-show of pictures from Sanford Herald
A Horse Farm destroyed 10 horses killed

I went to Facebook this morning and saw where friends were praying for us . Folks checking as far as India and Canada .
Internet can bring You close . I am so thankful for my E-Friends.
We were truly blessed with no damage.
Our Town is Blessed with only loosing 2 lives out of this terrible storm.
Well it is time to close , thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2 ,World Autism Awareness Day ! Things We can Do.

Finding more information was not hard , look what else I found out ...
things we can do 
1 .Learn and Pass on the information . You don't have to blog 
Click the share button and share on facebook ,tweet it!
2Tweet facts about autism using the hashtag #lightitupblue
Stories I found along the way 
Autism Speaks Blog has lots of links too.
 This mom blogs from Canada  

Teen's Research Shines a Light on Autism

This is a blog from a father with a teenage son dealing with this disorder . Facing Autism in New Brunswick
I hope this helps ? I learned a lot . 
I pray that by next year I will have more exciting news to share?
Peace and thanks for stopping by.