Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2 ,World Autism Awareness Day ! Things We can Do.

Finding more information was not hard , look what else I found out ...
things we can do 
1 .Learn and Pass on the information . You don't have to blog 
Click the share button and share on facebook ,tweet it!
2Tweet facts about autism using the hashtag #lightitupblue
Stories I found along the way 
Autism Speaks Blog has lots of links too. 
 This mom blogs from Canada  
 Autism Optimism.blogspot.com/

Teen's Research Shines a Light on Autism 



This is a blog from a father with a teenage son dealing with this disorder . Facing Autism in New Brunswick
I hope this helps ? I learned a lot . 
I pray that by next year I will have more exciting news to share?
Peace and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. ...thanks for your time in researching...lots of info.

    i work have worked with a few autistic clients...and autism did not effect each the same way. understanding and awareness...
    thanks for sharing all your information!


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