Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am a Swapper !

Welcome to my SWAPBOT friends ...

Swap-bot swap: Update Your Blog- Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!

Remember when you where a kid and wanted to have a penpal?
Especially one from a different country than yours would have been So exciting! Sometimes you could find someone through a teen magazine or church group . It was fun to learn about folks far away from you.   
Well at least I did . That was back in the old days ,the BC days.
Before Computer ! 
Well now there is this cool place Started by these great folks Travis and Rachel  called . You can read about what goes on there at this really cool blog.
 A friend asked me to join a pressed flower swap 2 years ago and I am still swapping . I have done nearly 100 swaps ! 
I have only been doing simple email swaps lately trading pictures, getting more facebook friends ,stories and such. In the past I traded cards, bookmarks , and other little crafts.
I was hooked on swapping Artist Trading Cards , (ATC's) 

You can sign up for all kinds of swaps there . Crafts , ATC's , Email Swaps of all kinds ,  and if you don't see a swap you like , then you can start one! It can be a lot of fun . Of course it has some rules and regulations but that just keeps it safe and fun! 
One of the swaps I signed up for was Update Your Blog- Swap .
 Susan at   put this swap together .
For this swap you were to get your blog updated for folks from the swap to visit by May 24, 2011 , comment and Hopefully follow your blog !
had to give a grin when I saw she has not posted in a while :>}
I hope all my Swapbot visitors will look around my blog and feel free to ask questions too.
Peace and Happy Blogging and Swapping !

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not all Roses are Red , Diversity is Good

This is called an Amber Rose

this is the Amber rose first day

I heard this was called " 7 sisters "

all I know is it gives a show at my front door.

this little pink turns violet in the press  , it is about the 2 inches wide

Lots of blooms

This is a new one for us not sure if the name it was suppose to be Red ,but I think it may press a red.

more mini  rose vines , 2 shades of red

This is my Peace Bed ,can you see the symbol yet ?

I have lots of seeds starting here including Sunflower seeds of different sizes .
I believe I am going fill the peace sign spaces with the Sunflowers .

In honor of a group I found on Facebook called "Weed Out Hate"

They said " Sunflowers, like peace, require much more than hope to flourish. A powerful symbol, they motivate children of all ages to pursue the paths of peace. Begin by rooting out weeds, a metaphor for hate, bias and prejudice. Freed from such negativity, spirits will bloom, enabling you to sow the seeds of peace--and make a difference!"
They are selling "Weed Out Hate" Sunflowers
 learn more at
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