Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am a Swapper !

Welcome to my SWAPBOT friends ...

Swap-bot swap: Update Your Blog- Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!

Remember when you where a kid and wanted to have a penpal?
Especially one from a different country than yours would have been So exciting! Sometimes you could find someone through a teen magazine or church group . It was fun to learn about folks far away from you.   
Well at least I did . That was back in the old days ,the BC days.
Before Computer ! 
Well now there is this cool place Started by these great folks Travis and Rachel  called . You can read about what goes on there at this really cool blog.
 A friend asked me to join a pressed flower swap 2 years ago and I am still swapping . I have done nearly 100 swaps ! 
I have only been doing simple email swaps lately trading pictures, getting more facebook friends ,stories and such. In the past I traded cards, bookmarks , and other little crafts.
I was hooked on swapping Artist Trading Cards , (ATC's) 

You can sign up for all kinds of swaps there . Crafts , ATC's , Email Swaps of all kinds ,  and if you don't see a swap you like , then you can start one! It can be a lot of fun . Of course it has some rules and regulations but that just keeps it safe and fun! 
One of the swaps I signed up for was Update Your Blog- Swap .
 Susan at   put this swap together .
For this swap you were to get your blog updated for folks from the swap to visit by May 24, 2011 , comment and Hopefully follow your blog !
had to give a grin when I saw she has not posted in a while :>}
I hope all my Swapbot visitors will look around my blog and feel free to ask questions too.
Peace and Happy Blogging and Swapping !


  1. Hello there,

    Yes, it's been fun in swap bot whereby you could swap things and get a lot of other stuff from another person from across the world :)

    Happy swapping to you!

  2. Hi Terica. I've just started swapping flowers (and fresh bay you need any? from our bay tree) and it's great. I'm going to check out swap bot. Only problem I have is the cost of postage since I'm now among the "great unwashed."

  3. hmmmm....i'll have to check this swapbot thing son as i have a few mi slow down...and take a breath...ha! :]

  4. I love that Queen of Diamonds! I wish that all decks of cards came that way.

  5. Hello all ,Thanks for stopping by .
    Chris , I saw your request on the guild group . I have some flowers ready for you and hopefully will go off tomorrow ,latest first of week.
    Laura , check out my page there if you like
    to tell the truth I have not done much swapping since winter...
    Ssejica , thanks for the compliment that was the first I had done!

  6. Thanks for participating in my update your blog swap and for giving my blog a "shout out" in your blog. I am going to check out your blog some more. :-)


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