Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not all Roses are Red , Diversity is Good

This is called an Amber Rose

this is the Amber rose first day

I heard this was called " 7 sisters "

all I know is it gives a show at my front door.

this little pink turns violet in the press  , it is about the 2 inches wide

Lots of blooms

This is a new one for us not sure if the name it was suppose to be Red ,but I think it may press a red.

more mini  rose vines , 2 shades of red

This is my Peace Bed ,can you see the symbol yet ?

I have lots of seeds starting here including Sunflower seeds of different sizes .
I believe I am going fill the peace sign spaces with the Sunflowers .

In honor of a group I found on Facebook called "Weed Out Hate"

They said " Sunflowers, like peace, require much more than hope to flourish. A powerful symbol, they motivate children of all ages to pursue the paths of peace. Begin by rooting out weeds, a metaphor for hate, bias and prejudice. Freed from such negativity, spirits will bloom, enabling you to sow the seeds of peace--and make a difference!"
They are selling "Weed Out Hate" Sunflowers
 learn more at
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  1. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!:-)

    i did the circle for my planted peace sign about a month it's time to fill it in!:-)

    you are an inspiration!:-)


  2. Your yard is really blooming and so pretty. Love the roses. You're doing a great job with the yard. I agree with Rebekah, you are an inspritation to everyone you meet wether in person or on line. I'm so proud of you and proud you're my Daughter. Love You, Mom

  3. Love the roses especially Amber. I have a granddaughter called Amber and I have shared it with her :)

  4. I'm now following 2 of your charming blogs and look forward to more posts from you!


  5. Wow everyone , thanks for the sweet comments
    Rebekah cant wait to see your peace garden.
    Mom thanks for being my best fan! hugs
    Carolyn , I think Amber is a beautiful name .I will get her some roses pressed and send it to You soon I hope .
    Mari , thanks for your interest in my work . I hope to learn a lot from your Photography blog too :>}


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