Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many Sunflowers

This is a picture I did at picnik on Picasa from the picture below 

 We buy the black sunflower seeds for the birds . We had bought bags from different places never thinking about the variety of seed just price. Buying an average of 20 pounds a month in the winter and every other month the rest of the time. 
Well we did some leveling and landscaping and moved a lot of dirt around spread grass seed and watered . Sadly no rain came for nearly a month I had to water everyday and did not dare mow other areas for fear of killing what was there. 
Then came the sunflower plants Everywhere. We decided to leave some for color and fun . They have been great , lots of variety and sizes and the goldfinch love them too.

This is how a fresh sunflower looks before a presser comes around

this is after a presser gets it !

these are some my neighbor grew in her garden last year

The petals press great !  


  1. There is nothing sadder than a dead sunflower. It looks like a sad little person hanging his head.

    What kind of camera do you use? The photos are great!

  2. Gorgeous flowers ....well done :)
    Hugs Annamaria

  3. LOVELY sunflowers...they always make me smile!! but when they're petals are taken away...(i agree with Kelly...) they look kind of sad...

  4. Hello dear friends , sorry it took so long to get back to the comments . Google used to tell me when there were comments but not anymore ??
    Kelly , I use a Canon Power-shot SX20IS . I like it a lot .
    Annamaria thanks for stopping by
    Laura , for the record I did not take the petals
    from the big ones they wilted away before I got a chance !
    I have had a blast with these things this year and have more pics coming! Peace


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