Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am blessed

We got rain yesterday and today again for this I feel blessed . 
We have been having a heatwave here and very little showers .
It is taking me 3 hours to water everything enough to keep it all living without rain !  

 We also keep the birds water and food too since lots of their regular grasses and seedy things aren't doing well in this heat either .  So to have this rain was a great blessing indeed.
this hummingbird moth visits at watering time often
 I had a double blessing today when my best of best friends Rebekah and her hubby came by for a short visit . She came to trade some quick ideas for pressed flower art and brought some goodies for me to experiment when ever I get back to creating... I in turn was sending her home with other things I have been collecting for her . Plus some plants of course , I plant too many of everything and love sharing and trading! 
Another way we like to Up-cycle :>)

 She brought home some cardinal vines and hummingbird vines. 2 sunflowers and a pecan tree .

But the Highlight today was sharing with her a secret gift I asked a dear young artist friend of ours to make for Her and I. 
             The Horse is for Rebekah and the doll is for me !

The moment Rebekah saw the horse she said (after squealing as i did )   "it looked just like our horse Scout and showed it to her hubby who wondered if Sarah had saw a picture of their horse ? " 
I think my doll looks like Sarah the artist . She and her family  are so wonderfully special . Her family has a blog which tells of all their wonderful talents.

 So meet Sarah and Scout! click to see it bigger .
Sarah has her own blog which is a Must See . This young lady not only makes these wonderful corn-husk creations ,she is a great Multi-media / Pressed Flower Artist . She is  the youngest member at WWPFG but not nearly the greenest in the bouquet of the Art of pressing . 
She has award winning Heirloom talent! go check her out !

Get great info here on


  1. thank you for blogging about this, terica!:-)

    what a wonderful day!:-)

    the sculpture of scout is on my computer desk where i can look at him often:-)

    sarah, thank you again:-)...i am so proud of you:-)...i remember the first time we met so long ago:-)



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