Meaning of Flowers and Leaves , Birth Flower too

We always see the meaning of Flowers but I found this in an old book .

Aspen - Creativity 
Birch - Good Fortune 
Cottonwood- Generosity 
Clover leaf - Luck 

Ginkgo - Fond Memories 
Ivy - Friendship
Kale - Good Health
Maple - Success
Oak - Strength
Sumac  - Humanity
Parsley - Trust
Pinecone - Optimism
Rose - Eternal Love 

January has two birth flowers that represent the month: the Carnation and the Snowdrop Flower. Carnations mean fascination and admiration. Snowdrops stand for hope and consolation.

February has two flowers the Violet and the Primrose. The Violet means modesty and simplicity. The meaning definitely represents the flower. The Primrose means young love.

March birth flower is the Daffodil. They are one of spring's staple flowers. They mean unrequited love. Perfect for the season. 

April has two birth month flowers, the Daisy and the Sweet Pea Flowers. The meaning of a Daisy is innocence and gentleness. Sweet Pea is blissfulness and pleasure.

May birth month flowers are the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. Lily of the Valley means purity and humility. Hawthorn's meaning is fertility and hope.

June has two flowers the Rose and not to be outdone, Honeysuckle Vine is the other. The Rose stands for love, while Honeysuckle means sweetness.

July has Larkspur and Water Lily Plants as their two flowers. Larkspur means open heart. Water Lilies mean eloquence.  

August is another month that has two birth flowers. They are Gladiolus and Poppy. Gladiolus means Strength of character. Poppies mean dreaminess and imagination. 

September is a time when summers flowers begin to fade away and autumn flowers begin to grow. Aster Flowers and Morning Glory are the two flowers for September. The Aster stands for a symbol of love and patience. Morning Glories mean affection. 

October has two flowers Calendula and Cosmos Flowers. Cosmos mean beautiful and ornamental. Calendula means winning grace. 

November has one flower for the month, the Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum means you are a wonderful friend. They also mean truth and love.

December has Narcissus and Holly Bush as its two flowers. Narcissus means egotism and formality, while holly means foresight.